Pulverexx protocol is a course of tablets that I found when I was doing my research for naturally treating my gallstone.

The claim is that the tablets and procedure, if followed correctly is able to dissolve both cholestrol and calcified gallbladder stones.

When you have a larger gallstone as I do (2 cm), and the stone is symptomatic, the need to put together a plan to reduce the size of the stone is always on my mind.

I read the reviews on their website.

They all looked genuine, and overwhelmingly the results were positive from the people that had already tried it.

So, that was enough to get me to try these tablets and process.

Welcome to my in depth Pulverexx protocol review.

I will be going over absolutely everything you need to know about the product, and of course answering the question does it work?

The Pulverexx Protocol Process

For those that don’t know, the Pulverexx protocol is a two stage process.

The first stage is a 15 day course of rather difficult to swallow capsules which contain 3 ingredients:

The 3 active ingredients in the capsules are:

Chanca Piedra (phyllanthus niruri)

Boldo (peumus boldus)

Hercampuri (Gentionella Alborocea)

You take one capsule in the morning, and one at night with 8 oz (a glass) of water.

All the ingredients of the pulverexx protocol capsules..

The second stage of the process is an optional liver and gallbladder flush.

I am personally absolutely fine with this procedure, and if you are going to get the most benefit from the protocol, I would advise you to do this if you are able.

Once you finish the 15 day capsule period, you then take a gap week.

During this week you prepare for your liver flush by taking malic acid or apple juice for a week to soften your gallstones.

I personally always use malic acid powder dissolved in water because the apple juice contains too much fructose and makes me tired.

There is a ton of information on the web about the liver flush, and rather than me regurgitate it all here, you can check out the version I use here on youtube.

The job of the capsules is to soften and dissolve your gallstones, to then be expelled during the liver flush.

From my experience, this whole process is not something you do once and forget about.

It takes several flushes to see a lasting benefit, regardless of whether you do the pulverexx protocol or not.

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