“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

(1) All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution.

(2) The people may exercise their sovereign power either directly or through their democratically elected representatives.

..says the Kenyan constitution…. Aren’t those statements meaningless when 47 million people watch helplessly when less than three hundred members of Parliament vote yes to the finance bill?

A bill Kenyans were not consulted by their representatives to approve or decide if it was good for the country.

A bill that will hurt those claiming to possess imaginary powers contained in a constitution copied word for word from the American constitution.  A Bill that will hurt over 40 million people, pretending all is well. A bill that will pave the way for the construction of many white elephants housing schemes that will mostly end up with families of well-connected civil servants who can afford to pay cash for the same. A bill that will legitimize stealing through the obvious bogus tendering system in Kenya. A bill that has doubled fuel tax and thus affecting everything from travelling to food prices. Those rejoicing and saying that the same- will teach a lesson to the many that voted for a President who always lies openly- are wrong for the same will hurt them too. The poor are sometimes helpless, and after the bill is passed and the same becomes law, their later actions when it’s too late will be meaningless.  We admire and appreciate all Raila has done for the country, but he should now retire from active politics and stop telling Kenyans to demonstrate when it’s too late. He should now concentrate on advising those in his party on how to defeat Ruto in the next General election.  The demonstrations were necessary this week and not next week after the bill is passed.

We, all the same, must appreciate the great efforts Hon Raila Odinga has persistently tried to force Kenya Kwanza to submission- but nothing seems to work because Ruto has too much money to spend on the poor and the cohorts who will pass any bill in Parliament.

It’s a high time now for Hon Raila to strategize on how to remove William Ruto from power in 2027 and the same, not necessarily himself -but to groom another person for a change.

The only sure way is to ensure an independent IEBC free from corruption is in place. That should be the concentration other than demonstrating. That should have been the only agenda in the Bi-partisan talks.

Kenya still needs an opposition, and if the bipartisan talks succeed in achieving the above suggestion, forming a strong party should be the only concentration by Azimio before the UDA party convince the weak parties to join.

It’s a time to watch the failure of Kenya Kwanza, which is eminent, and the best thing is to let them mess up the economy while the Azimio party goes on a silent Nationwide recruitment movement that will remove William Ruto from power through the ballot come 2027.

Many strongly support Azimio, but sometimes you have to hang your boots, retreat and lay strategies for the future. The same should be started early enough and not during the election year.

By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi for the Diaspora Times.

President Kenya Parents In USA

President- Diaspora National Assembly

President- Global Diaspora Congress

President- Central Organization For Diaspora Unity. C.O.D.U.

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