Raila’s story is not even possible; it is a story deeply rooted in the clamor for multipartyism and liberation struggle during Moi’s autocratic reign. A story that continued during President Kibaki’s rule and after the famous handshake with President Uhuru to the present day. It is simply like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery and still inside an enigma, and his legacy to fulfill his long-awaited dream of becoming the President of Kenya- is the next big thing.

The current euphoria and excitement among UDA party members, and the false assumption of William Ruto’s popularity boosted by a few lightweight Kikuyu leaders, is a story of sheer imagination. It is fabricated through a computer, street handout shows, and the social media tittle-tattle- to confound many hungry Kenyans receiving insignificant handouts to last them just a day.

Hon Raila as the pioneer of the second liberation has been in the game for so long, and the fact that he has not embarked on a full-scale campaign cannot be seen as a defeat, for he is laying precise strategies coded AZIMIO LA UMOJA to surprise many in 2022.

The 2022 general elections will not be won by greedy, dishonest Kenyans who want to introduce an experimental new socialist approach to the economy. It will be won by indisputable Kenyans eager to carry on with the five pillars sustainable development agenda- that aims at empowering our youth, improving food security, affordable health institutions, affordable housing, and transportation.

Politics in Kenya, however, is controlled by the media. As the drums of war that have already started to sound get to the climax, it will not be surprising to receive many messages in social media, all aiming to glorify William Ruto and assume early victory to make others despair. The “hustler” (sic) nation song being danced around is politics of radicalization to drive a wedge between the rich and the poor so that they can, in the process, sideline genuine upright thinking leaders in the implicit coined Hustler(sic) Government.

The poor and some naïve Diaspora leaders believe that they will be included on the high table and considering the many hustles they undergo in their life-the sudden promise of a better life, the false power promise, and high expectations, if not realized, can make many do a lot of damage, killing included.

The mind tactics to make them change to media narratives revolves around how events get interpreted, in favor of an imaginary manifesto and a maze of deceiving mumbo jumbo phrases like “Wanjiku amechoka” Uhuru ndarateithia andu- that make many go into frenzy amnesia moods and momentarily forget to conceptualize the outcome of the empty promises.

Things are different as President Uhuru earnestly wants to leave a legacy this time around. For the remaining period before the general elections, he will continue concentrating on the country’s development while awaiting the outcome of BBI. If the same is shelved after the court outcome, it will still not affect the handshake, and the Jubilee party will be reorganized in readiness for embarking on serious campaigns.

President Uhuru will reward and support the person who believed and has been persistent in implementing the framework for the initiatives that aim at solving political violence that occurs every election cycle for now or in the future. Those against the initiative will simply be left out.

The Deputy President, William Ruto, is not behind that legacy. He has openly humiliated his boss on many occasions, like the recent showdown in Kiambaa, where he supported UDA- and he will not get backing from President Uhuru when elections are called.

According to our prediction, the person who will carry the day and get that full backing of President Uhuru is no other than Hon Raila Amolo Odinga- who will after that look for his team key players to start campaigns under one alliance or just those already merged with Jubilee.

Whether it was accompanied by monetary gain or to settle some political mileage bargain, the famous handshake saw the end of violent, destructive demonstrations that had exhausted many in the country. All peace-loving Kenyans must support whoever brought peace to the country.

The promised happy ending song, “looking over river Jordan with angels riding swing lo swift chariot coming for to carry me home,” is actual this time, and crocodiles in human form, will not be there to stop the long-awaited journey to Canaan.

Yes, it’s time to reward Hon Raila and not those who have disrupted the five pillars development agenda for selfish gains and, worse still, using some development funds to bribe many and discredit the President through cheap propaganda.

We shall witness a big 2022 game changer in Kenya similar to the one Raila played when Kibaki took over power after the Moi era was over (read Moi error).

It is as easy as splitting the Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribal votes. With his appointed running mate and boosted by President Uhuru to gain people’s confidence, Raila will take over as 5th President of the Republic of Kenya. This time, the winning probability is high as Hon Raila only needs 40% of the Mt Kenya region, whereas Ruto needs over 90 % to emerge as the winner. In Ruto’s case, it will not happen in divided Mountain votes.

Gideon Moi and others in Rift valley are not happy with William Ruto due to the Maize saga, among many other whispered widespread scandals, real or imagined, that will at ease split the Kalenjin votes.

Hon Raila Odinga only need to pick one influential Kikuyu and a person from Meru to boost his campaign.

Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula, and others will not allow themselves to be left out either, and all will eventually join many to sing the Raila song. Like the Kibaki time, they will also say “Raila Tosha.” 

Mudavadi or Kalonzo will also be potential running mates, or they will be promised powerful positions in the next Government, and having stayed in the cold for too long, they will not refuse.

Though now enjoying immense popularity, one man called William Ruto will sadly bite the dust just like project Uhuru failed to take off when Kibaki rose to power. He will not make it once the Kikuyu votes are split. The cunning Kikuyu’s politicians supported by musicians will revive memories of the tribal clashes that never featured during the Jubilee period. William Ruto will settle for official opposition if BBI goes through, and if not, he will retire until 2027, when he may try a comeback or be forgotten just like many before him.

When the reckoning comes, you will start hearing the resurfacing of popular phrases like “we paid the debt, and we owe nobody nothing, and if any, he paid himself with corruption money of failed and stalled dam projects.”

It sounds impossible to some, but Raila’s story is not even possible, as it is like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery and still inside an enigma, and he will surprise many in 2022 when he emerges as the winner to continue with President Uhuru’s legacy.

By 2022, President Uhuru will have nothing to lose or gain, and he will retire wealthy not even bothered to negotiate for any retirement packages so long as the constitution clearly defines the protection of individual property’s rights.

I guess that unlike former President Kibaki, who did not take an active role in succession politics, President Uhuru will aggressively campaign for Raila as he is fully convinced that he is the one to carry on with his legacy that is beyond 2050.

We must strive hard to avoid a pessimistic future by aiming at that President Uhuru’s legacy of a united Kenya where all can move freely, settle, and own properties anywhere in the country. Let us seek a united Kenya free from tribal hate, especially between two communities that have erupted three times, and chances of recurrence cannot be ruled out if we trust the same people. Let us reject those talented rhetorical political exploits seeking support through appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary poor people in one region rather than using rational appeal that can give hope to all Kenyans, not for a limited time, but long-lasting.

Let all peace-loving Kenyans say no to unpredictable smooth sweet-talking leaders that can quickly turn Kenya into a garden of roses and stones, not for admiration- but to remember those that perished while seeking freedom and a united Kenya.

That hope can only be realized if we can use our votes wisely in 2022 and choose a determined, selfless Kenyan eager to bring peace and prosperity in Kenya, and the closest we now have is Hon Raila Odinga.


Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254(DNA)

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