“Return Jomo’s Shoes, And Walk Barefoot”, “No one Want To Kill You” DNA Global President Tells Moses Kuria.


The latest Moses Kuria tweet in quotes “So what after you kill me? Am I the last one who will speak the truth to you and your power” is directed to no other than Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, but all the same, he has the wrong misconception, as he is a nobody in the current Kenya’s politics and therefore, there would be no political gains, or loses, if he died.

It’s mere politicking to gain attention as he has stayed out of news for a very long time, and is certain that he is on his last stretch of his political career.

Moses Kuria has repeatedly fooled Kenyans by openly saying that the shoes he wears, were passed on to him by the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, to enable him to continue with his legacy. If the same ironical myth bears any truthful comparison, it’s time now to return them, as the son of Jomo, cannot  continue watching and accepting the joke any further, when the same, is used to kick him, and trump upon his supporters.

Kuria all the same, mythically used the same shoes like a colossus to impress many of his petty colleagues as to how close he was to Uhuru, but it seems the union was never even there in the first place.  He has drastically failed to prove his usefulness to many, and it’s time now to try and fit in his own shoes, or simply walk barefoot.

How foolish and shortsighted are politicians that start imagining how to win a battle before crossing the enemy lines, and their insight somehow shallow, for they can easily lose even in their own counties.

Moses Kuria, is nothing but a political parasite zealot, constantly trying to find hosts and lucky as he has been, is able to find some to survive. He certainly dwells on political corruption clout as a means of survival, thus forming a symbiosis of the link between the few one day fed “wananchi” who benefit from it, and the corrupt politicians that regulate it.

He has no development agenda for his people that elected him as he is always too busy trying to justify the very heavy shoes he boast about but while doing so, he oversteps and trump upon many in the process.

The failure of those political trailblazer that have been blindly early campaigning for William Ruto, are his shortfall as a majority of them, have no good development track records, they can boast of, but just only trying to fill their huge stomachs.

Moses Kuria is nothing but an inciter who is not wired to any reasonable cause, and has not even the slightest perception of advancing the welfare of mankind. A rumor monger only interested in hate speeches to attract attention. When a politician cannot alienate himself or herself to such empty headed people, he is bound to fail.

Mere shouting, cursing and swearing, are no ingredients to making a good statesman as such are left to sycophants cohorts who cannot advance themselves in life.

He is now supposedly fully supporting William Ruto and swearing to die for him, but he is the same person that had described him as a nobody not long ago… and in quote “A person who wore a shoe at the age of 14 (1980) who joined a Criminal outfit enterprise funded through looting (YK92), that terrorized pro multiparty crusaders”.

Same unprincipled Kuria, had at one time said that he would rather visit the Vatican instead of the former President Moi, at his Kabarak home. He is now totally dazed in a political centrifuge, broke with no political clout or stand and the only choice left for him, is to retire before loosing all the remaining dignity if any.

Wasting precious time in courts

Gatundu and other Central Province regions, have been lagging behind in developments simply because of leaders like Moses Kuria, who spend most of their times in courts due to their loose utterances in public meetings. Such leaders have no time to organize their constituents to prosper and benefit from the Government that is led by an inhabitant, Uhuru Kenyatta, who can be in full support due to his position as the head of State.

What a lost opportunity to the people of Mt Kenya because of electing mostly rebels and fortune seekers looters with no interest for the people they represent but rather, their own selfish interest of trying to justify who they are.

Without mincing words, I am hereby advising Moses Kuria to return those shoes, as he is making the old man to turn in his grave. They can’t fit him, they are simply too heavy.

Arch Dr. D.K. GITAU



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