Retired Presbyterian Clergy Rev Timothy Njoya did not have words of sympathy to corrupt leaders when he appeared at J.F. Koinange live show, and without mincing words, said “hang them high”.

All the same, he said that he will not appear there when they hang them, which in a way means that when such men or women die, they deserve no prayers.

He said that he no longer cares who governs, as he governs himself and those in power should do their work as mandated.

Reverend Njoya was a vocal second liberation crusader who have somehow retreated and gone slow for he consider that what he fought for, was finally achieved.

He gave an example of retired President Moi who had declared that he will be President for life but now, that he was sent home,.. he has no grudge against him for he in a way made him to go on retire.

On the sad state of affairs he said that the poor are getting poorer and the rich even richer simply because, the thieves are more educated and intelligent than the common man.

The thieves can buy anybody including Parliament and even the clergy by bribing them during disguised Harambees. He is quite much against them and the fact that they have allowed them to do so, means that churches have sold their morals to thieves.

The corrupt thieves go even to an extent of buying church divine offerings such as wine and bread which is the biggest sin a church can allow as the church is supposed to provide the same to its flock.

He suggested that churches should be regulated to reduce the madness as there are too many evil things done in God’s name and the clergymen have lost their moral obligation to rescue people from sin and poverty.

Manipulating people for self gains is evil and in itself advocating atheism and many churches are doing exactly that.

He simply considers Harambees and the spate of gambling happening as sins for those are avenues to openly steal from poor people.

On relationship, he said that man has failed in his duty as a provider and values have changed when he no longer provides and that is why there are men committing suicide when they realize that roles have changed.

On gay rights, he was not conclusive and posed question on human rights as it is guaranteed by constitution and further asked Jeff if he would disown his own child if he became a thief or gay.

Many took his views as advocating gay rights due to a borrowed constitution that never dwelt on our morals and cultural values.

Others however congratulated him and wished his wisdom could be packaged in tetra milk packs for every Kenyan to drink.

What did he say about Uhuru legacy?

Uhuru is trying to look for a legacy but the same is not searched but its the outcome that determines if there is a deserving legacy.

The outcome is what determines ones legacy and no one can look for it.

About those who beat him.. can he forget and forgive them? And the answer was a straight no..for they never defeated him but instead, he defeated them so why forgive those he defeated. He is above them and they are down and are now the ones that need to seek for that forgiveness.

He was short of saying like the Americans put it “I kicked their…..while smiling, meaning he won in his fight for second liberation.

During tweet time, one twitted that a revolution is necessary for people have been turned into mules for a few people and he entirely concurred with the author.

Lastly what if a husband and wife steal.. how should they be treated? and it was a straight biblical answer without hesitating..Like Ananias and his wife Saphira.. same lesson no deviating.

He finally somehow praised Uhuru for his critics within his Government and if he can hang at least three, then it will be a good lesson for others.

All we can say is: looking at the vocal man who used to be so vibrant, and considering the things he would say during Moi era and not openly saying them now when corruption is at its highest, and with much guaranteed freedom, makes many to believe that, it is only a wishy-washy shadow of his former self that we are witnessing.


We believe that its only God who can punish people and no man should take another one’s life “vengeance is mine” says the Lord.

Death is peace in itself but suffering at times can be worse than death itself and such men and women should be left to live so that their conscience can disturb them forever.

The corrupt people should be tried and once found guilty simply take all their property they acquired illegally and that way, as they suffer, they will repent.




Written after listening to the show.

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