Rigathi Gachagua, Sabina Chege, Moses Kuria, Ndindi Nyoro, Kimani Icungwa Among Others, Are Kikuyu Traitors(Tukunias) Being Used By Ruto To Destroy The G.E.M.A. Community.


Kikuyu traitors within the Kikuyu community have always been there. They were there during the struggles for the independence of Kenya. They were there during the second Liberation, and they are also here with us during the current struggles in the third liberation of Kenya.

During the Moi regime, kariuki Chotara, Joseph Kamotho, Kuria Kanyingi, and a few other common ordinary Kikuyus were the traitors within the Kikuyu community. To support those traitors in the killings and in the torture of the Kikuyus, Moi created the name Mwakenya as an excuse to kill and to torture those patriotic Kikuyus identified by the Kikuyu traitors and many Kikuyus died in the hands of those traitors, and many others were tortured and left with permanent wounds.

During the Ruto administration, there are many common Kikuyu traitors led by Rigathi Gachagua, Ndindi Nyoro, Moses Kuria, Sabina Chege, and Kimani Icungwa The possibility that many Kikuyus will lose their lives in the hands of these traitors and others will be left with permanent wounds after torture can not be ruled out.

The issue of Mungiki has been introduced to support the Kikuyu traitors as an excuse to kill and to torture the Kikuyus in the name of Mungiki. Sabina Chege is in the US today to seek support for the killings and torture of Kikuyus by Ruto in the name of Mungiki.

Ruto and these Kikuyu traitors have never condemned the Kalenjin militia, which was responsible for two massacres in Kenya, resulting in many deaths. The mayhem that was caused by the Kalenjin militia was hundreds of times compared to the crimes Mungiki did, yet Ruto and his Kikuyu traitors reminds Kenyans of the heinous and satanic Kalenjin militia whenever Murkomen, Sudi and other Kalenjis opened their mouths to insult Uhuru Kenyatta, leave alone the several times the Kalenjin youths assembles to insult the Kikuyu community during the campaigns.

Today, every time Kikuyu youth assemble, there arises some madness of the name Mungiki. Every time there is a Kikuyu gathering, it’s alleged it is a Mungiki affair. Are Kikuyu youths not the same as the Kalenjin militia youth? Why are Kenyans never reminded about Kalenjin militia whenever the Kalenjins assemble? Why are the Kikuyu youths treated like foreigners in Kenya?

Are the Kikuyu youths not supposed to enjoy the same privileges and rights enjoyed by Kalenjin youths? Why should the Kikuyu traitors lie that the Kikuyu youths who follow of Uhuru Kenyatta are Mungiki? Why do the Kikuyu traitors lie that the followers of David Murathe, Jeremiah Kioni, and Maina Njenga are Mungiki? Are the Kalenjin youth who follow Ruto, Murkomen, and Oscar Sudi Kalenjin militia?. Should it then be believed that those Kalenjin youths ferried by Ruto in many buses to every meeting he goes, are Kalenjin militia? This nonsense of Mungiki to silence Kikuyus should end.

It should not be used to silence the Kikuyus anymore. The Kikuyu traitors should know that millions of Kikuyus understand their role in the Ruto administration which is to help Ruto to deal with Kikuyus to settle what he claimed in 2020 to be a solution to the problems the Kalenjins have with Kikuyus.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity.
Counselor and Human Rights Activist.
Former Secretary General
Kenya Civil Servants Union.
Connecticut, USA.


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