Whoever said that history repeats itself may be had in mind this day June 12 as Kenyans boldly repeat the same words that were altered in a relatively small church in Kikuyu called Rungiri Church exactly thirty six years ago. The remarks made at a church in Kikuyu Constituency came at the time when Cabinet

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Whoever said that history repeats itself may be had in mind this day June 12 as Kenyans boldly repeat the same words that were altered in a relatively small church in Kikuyu called Rungiri Church exactly thirty six years ago.

The remarks made at a church in Kikuyu Constituency came at the time when Cabinet minister and one-time powerful Attorney General Charles Mugane Njonjo was under siege for being a “traitor”, leading to his eventual disgrace from a virtuous life to nothingness. 

The sermon had caused heated debate and Parliament had to suspend its normal business to discuss little known and soft spoken church elder, the late Samuel Githegi, who had presumably likened President Daniel Moi to the “limping sheep” during a rare prayer meeting at the Rungiri Parish of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).

The remarks that changed many people’s lives thereafter, were made on this day June 12, 1983 during a prayer meeting attended by over 3,000 people, that included Mr. Njonjo who was the Kikuyu MP.

“Iguthua ndongoria, itikinyagira nyeki,” Mr Githegi had altered those words in Kikuyu, a saying if directly translated would mean that “when the leading sheep limps, the others won’t get a chance to reach the grazing fields”.

At the church function, there was also reference to the biblical Daniel who was put in a lion’s den and was not harmed due to prayers.

That small reference of presumably Godly protection had however not impressed Daniel son of Moi as it was like waking up a sleeping lion.

The events that followed were to remain a horror to many thereafter as many successful Kikuyus were sized down like envelopes and their business entrepreneurship frustrated in every corner of Kenya.

The opposition and riotous students were not spared either and the antagonism purge of the so called dissident left a sad tale of total hopelessness and despair and many regretted the aftereffects of the sermon.

This day June 12, 2019 exactly 36 years down the line, George Githii is not the author but Kenyans from all walks of life, are short of repeating the same words this time not in a small church but everywhere they may be to the effect that the leading sheep is lame.

They are not saying so that they can take over leadership as Charles Mugane had anticipated, but to advise Uhuru to wake up and fight corruption and immediately stop Ruto politics craze or else he may go down in history as the most ineffective president Kenya ever had.

The president may be having good intentions, but when he is surrounded by wolves in sheep clothing that are rooting every sector of economy, he will just be promising Kenyans milk whose source is chickens.

Farmers are not getting paid for their hard earned coffee proceeds and when done it is too low compared to what they used to get. Maize farmers of western Kenya cannot sell their produce due to cartels that import from outside the country.

Farmers have no market for their tea and brokers are benefiting more than the farmers and thus making them desperate to an extent of uprooting the over fifty year shrub that for many years, was the source of income for the peasants.

The youth especially, have no jobs and all they do is to keep themselves busy in bars while playing pool in readiness to terrorize Kenyans later in the night. Kenyans businesses have been invaded by Chinese who are flocking to all corners to compete with indigenous Kenyans. They do it because the Nairobi Governor is only obsessed with telephone recording mania craze and hovering all over like a City Council askari trying to impress hungry hawkers. In simple words, he has no tangible development agenda.

Majority had looked upon a good leader to complete the unfinished work, but with the little years left, nothing worthwhile will be accomplished and no defined legacy to talk about.

Therefore Kenyans should not continue waiting for magic to happen in the remaining three years and should now realize that handshake was not for the sake of development but an arranged marriage of convenience.

Uhuru was trapped as all Odinga wanted was to be part of the sharing of the National cake so that he could gain from the system while at the same time protecting his wealth. If he had the welfare of Kenyans at heart, he would not have brought the tension by swearing himself by force but instead he would have conceded just like Hilary Clinton in America did. That would have been a better handshake to give Uhuru a chance to rule.

The country was almost erupting into lawlessness forcing the President to concede as the constitution that was orchestrated by the same Odinga is restrained to discipline dissidents like it was the case before.

He conceded and the partnership and trust he had with Ruto who was not for the idea, eroded, and thus making Ruto to abandon what the two had promised to deliver and concentrate full time on 2022 election. He has gone ahead of many other contenders while Uhuru desperately struggles to boost the economy with the help of a looser to and into life to improve the downhill GDP.


We therefore hereby tell the President categorically that the original deceiving empty promises of eradicating poverty, ignorance, and diseases is temporarily shelved or completely forgotten due to the much greed and self interest of politicians.

They have gone into frenzy of devastating their motherland disregarding the common man.

The situation is now out of control and it has resulted to a period of total apprehensive devastating political quagmire darkness never witnessed before.

The so called handshake in itself was an indication of failure as a leader that was elected to lead Kenyans, demonstrated total defeat when he welcomed Odinga to help him rule the country,.. this time not even sharing the bread but rather misleading the President to borrow and borrow only to burden Kenyans even further.

Even with Odinga’s help it seems that those already caught with corruption seem to have more powers than those ruling and in a way daring them to try and jail them.

The country is in total darkness that is giving rise to mushrooming of various politically connected monetary scandals and the birth of dare -devil drug dealer’s barons cliché  teaming up with gold swindlers that enjoy state-sanctioned rampant political impunity by easily bribing the top echelon leaders in broad daylight.

Their self-greed overriding their conscience (if they had any) has made many to go into a frenzy of politically guided unabated devastation of their own motherland to acquire rain catchment Trust-lands, animal sanctuaries,  fire depots, cemeteries, road reserves recreation spaces, forests, school play grounds,  public toilets and other government owned institutions.

Genuine advocates agitating political changes in the country are silent in absence of the opposition and thus giving room to alot of infighting and double-crossing within the government machinery and eventually frustrating the efforts of genuine nationalists.

The indecision and quick action in apprehending and sacking corrupt people, the doubts, impunity and the obvious apprehension is showing total deprivation of moral decay tendencies.  It may also be due to the introduction of democracy to a country that was not prepared to embrace the same and one wonders if we have in place a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” or a Kakistocracy, kleptocracy system that only benefit a few at the cost of fools being taken for a ride while capitalizing on their social stupidity.

The deputy President is ever busy grooming political parasites only good at chorusing while exploiting a defective weak system driven by greed, predominance, bribery, Government patronage, high handedness and thus making corruption to appear ( a la mode) as if it is a way of life.

They have derailed from their initial noble political agenda as a team and are all now divided and focusing on 2022 election.

It appears as if Ruto has completely abandoned Uhuru to struggle alone to put the country back in its path of effective development.

The development being finalized are those that Kibaki left unfinished and a clear indication that Uhuru Ruto Government seem not geared towards any meaningful agenda other than borrowing funds to sustain the crumbling economy.

It’s an uphill task just like fitting a Mercedes engine to a vox-wagen vehicle and imagining that people will be impressed.

Politics and empty rhetorical speeches must have their time and place and the same kept on hold if they are serious to go ahead with the four pillars agenda to deliver in a hurry services to the people as they promised.

They may mention their sad past of abject poverty to gain sympathy votes but it may be too old fashioned as all Kenyans need, is a person with a good track record for development or a clear manifesto and not listening to stories of not having shoes at an early age as it will not impress anyone come 2022.

Those mentioned in graft, should not continue holding public positions but should be made to resign immediately to pave way for thorough investigations without interference.

They should follow those before them like Charity Ngilu and Kazungu that were sacked moments they were implicated in graft and there should be no compromise whatsoever.

Uhuru could be serious in his mission but it seems that the current constitution cannot let him hire and fire and the same should be amended to give certain powers to the President to hire and fire and announce the same as it was the case before during Moi era.

Some may assume that it’s derailing and going backwards to the dark days but humans at times have to be ruled with an iron fist to tow the line and if the action is for the good of the common man, so be it.

Kenyans are tired of the system that harbours criminals who continue to enjoy their freedom by simply bribing a judge directly or through their unscrupulous greedy lawyers who already lost their moral sense long time ago as easy as spitting.

They forget that same criminals will later on attack them at their glass mansions homes that time not for money but to make them never to disclose their evil deeds and as the late Malcom X plainly put it, it will sadly that time be the “African chicken coming home to roost”.

Kenyans are tired of observing criminals and corrupt people arrested today and released the same night after calls from the so called “above” are made.

As the head of State, Uhuru should rule without fear as his mandate is to serve the people who elected him but not to satisfy a few individuals that mis-advise him for their selfish gains.

As this day dawn, let it be a reflection of where Kenya is heading to when we are now obsessed with the culture of borrowing which may enslave Kenyans forever as the money is not utilized to the purpose it is intended for.

Let us wake up and this time not listen to cohorts and selfless leaders but rather, make our own individual decision and keep it as a secret so that come year 2022, we can use the power of the ballot to put in place only those selfless leaders that have an interest of the common man to take over leadership positions.

If we all speak with one voice we can that day shout “enough is enough” and prove to them that the power of the ballot is sufficient to change our destiny for the better.

The idea of shaking hands, and any political fake marriage vows to those defeated, and empty promises, a thing of the past, and never again a reality.

Kenyans that time must all unanimously say “The winner takes it all”

In the meantime it is not too late for President Uhuru who studied Political Science, to rule unabated without listening to any advise from the very people that have misled him in the first place, and do what he believe is right and good for the country as that is the only way he will leave a meaningful legacy.






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