By Peter Mbugua Njoroge

Ignorance can lead to the deaths of many people in a country and if the following can be taken seriously by the current leaders in Kenya, it can save the economy which is at the verge of collapse.

1-The Government should by now be sourcing maize from Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Uganda, where there is cheap maize, beans, and even bananas. They should take advantage of the COMESA free trade area agreements to feed Kenyans.

2-President William Ruto must join hands with BABA, UHURU, KARUA, KALONZO, and other opposition leaders to unite Kenyans for the sake of development and further to avert violence and riots that will eventually remove him from Statehouse. He must know that Kenya belongs to all and not a few individuals.

If RUTO fails to do this, more Kenyans will continue to die of hunger, and his small Kingdom will crumble. He must read the signs inscribed on statehouse walls. * which reads “MENE’ MENE’ TEKEL PARSIN”.-if translated, God has weighed you, and your Kingdom is crumbling down.

Yes Ruto’s days as a President are numbered, if he continues with his recent acts of witch-hunting and arbitrary arresting or harassing people.

His assumed shaky Kingdom will be destroyed by people’s power as enshrined in the constitution. He therefore must act quickly without listening to fools surrounding him to avoid a possible revolution.

Peter Mbugua is a Kenyan leader and a Human Rights Activist.



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