The Deputy President William Ruto’s hurriedly organized visit to USA, was of no interest to Kenyans in the Diaspora as the burning issue that many people in the Diaspora want addressed like yesterday was not among his scheduled visit agendas.

The urgent issue that has made many Kenyans not able to travel home especially from Georgia and other States are the expired passports that were processed sometimes last July and up to now only a few have arrived.

The e-passport application is a costly exercise as Kenyans are expected to go to the only issuing locations DC and LA and the minimum amount required for travel and accommodation is Ksh. 90,000 per person.

Ruto’s visit aimed at strengthening bilateral relationship with United States and enhance people to people interaction is not the work of a Deputy President as we have an Ambassador who does that on a daily basis.

The other reason is visiting Kansas to advance collaboration in the education and health sectors and one wonders if the Ministers concerned with those dockets cannot do the same.

The visit to Kansas and Dallas was a hidden agenda mission to visit his tribesmate that form a large population in those two states to try and woo them to popularize his 2022 Presidential bid.

It is ill timed as people in the Diaspora should not be taken as villagers to discuss chicken milking uganga business as there are more urgent matters that need to be addressed not within a day, but as outlined in the 2030 Diaspora policy.


1.We expect the five major States with a large Kenyan population to have a Government liaison office or an honorary consular office as proposed when Amina Mohammed was the Minister for foreign affairs.

2. We expect the Government to help in establishing a Diapora Sacco within USA that can operate independently and be able to give loans to Kenyans.

3. We expect the Government assistance in times of loss of our loved ones as the transportation cost is too high and the same can be waived since we have in place a direct KA freight to Kenya.

4.Those wanting to exercise their democratic rights as Kenyans to be able to vote without necessarily travelling home.

5. Government documents issuing centers to be conveniently available in all States and the same to be permanent.

6. To involve Diaspora participation in Development matters and in capital income generating projects through fully established Diaspora Councils.

7. Government to stop further borrowing until corruption is contained and those implicated tried and if found guilty to get corporal punishment.

8.Many in Diaspora have been waiting for a word from the Government to the effect that they will be eligible voters but the issue has not been resolved up to now.

If the Deputy President is not coming to discuss important issues like the few mentioned above then nobody will miss him but he is welcome to visit relatives just like the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Mr. Maranga does from time to time.

We therefore hope that the Government will get the message and stop wasting money on useless seminars and top Government official visits and utilize those funds to improve the lives of the many suffering Kenyans.




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