Ruto’s Coronation As A Kikuyu Elder Is A Mockery To Nyumba Ya Muumbi


I had the privilege of having a conversation with the powers that be following an article I recently posted.

There has been a lot of palpable anxiety amongst the larger Kenyan population and more specifically amongst the larger mountain Kenya (read the kikuyu).

One fellow who is not very lucky and need to sober up is none other but the deputy president.

My PROGNOSIS is that history would be very unfair to perpetuate misinformation and portend to portray the Mt Kenya vote as up for grabs.

Power brokerage has its roots without necessary sincerity in the greater kikuyu country.

The misconception that all political parties have kikuyus right up in the leadership as a way of attracting the population is just a polite way of saying how gullible and guiltless they are as the leading powerful power brokers.

One Dr William samoei ruto have allowed himself to be the latest victim.

We used him to get us the presidency when poor wanjiku would not have wanted to hear his name mentioned (refer to the burning of the church in Kiambaa).

Having nothing to lose since we have the presidency, is it good time to make sure that we disarm him as much as we can? Having accumulated immense wealth in such a short time, it’s only common that he is not welcome in the big boys club.

How then do we stop a man who seems to believe he is on a mission and too comfortable and drunk with power that he seems confused.

We don’t believe in burying an elephant with it’s tusks. Ruto have the tusks in the form of wealth.

How it was acquired notwithstanding and therefore he must be disarmed by making sure that this wealth goes down to the brokers.

We have not seen the last of the many groups that will continue juggling for the jugular.

The kikuyu council of elders are part of the bigger strategy to disarm the poor deputy president. Ruto should be reminded that we called Raila “Njamba “when we had some good use for him. We sang all praises in and out of the bible when moi pushed us with the sword.

Be informed by 2022 the elders and the churches who Ruto have banked so much on will be singing and dancing to a tune very different.

Kuira Wa Kabiru

Diaspora Political Hotbed


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