Scary Times Ahead As Covid-19 Virus Continue To Invade The Globe With No Sight Of Effective Drug To Fight The Same.


You will not see them, you will not feel them and neither smell them but the microscopic virus now on the loose in the entire world, are something to fear more than the atomic bombs.

We are told that Viruses are the smallest of all the microbes and are so small that 500 million rhinoviruses which cause the common cold can fit on to the head of a pin. That means that a tip of your finger, can carry viruses enough to infect 5 worlds same size as the earth.

That is how scary it is when one person gets infected with corona virus as the multiplication effect with time, is enough to eliminate the whole population on earth.

We are told that the world is over 3 million years old and it’s possible that there was once a population that lived on earth once upon a time and the same, disappeared due to a virus similar to the one affecting all in the world.

The sad thing is that COVID-19 are unique viruses as they are only alive and able to multiply inside the cells of other living things. The cell they multiply in is called the host cell and the human for that matter is a convenient and a multiplier host.

They are made up of a core of genetic material, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protective coat called a capsid which is made up of protein. Sometimes the capsid is surrounded by an additional spikey coat called the envelope. Viruses are capable of latching onto host cells and getting inside them.

After getting a slight knowledge of how they are formed and the fast multiplication factor, we can conclude that these are viruses that are not likely to entirely go away in the near future and the same, may mutate to even form other more dangerous strings.

The Corona virus todate has globally affected all countries in the world as follows:

Confirmed 15.5MRecovered 8.87MDeaths 634K
  United States4.12M +70,7191.23M147K +1,082
  Brazil2.29M +59,9611.57M84,251 +1,311
  India1.29M +45,720817K30,601 +1,129
  Russia801K +5,848589K13,046 +147
  South Africa408K +13,104236K6,093 +153

We are told that the actual total death toll from COVID-19 is likely to be higher than the number of confirmed deaths due to limited testing and problems in the attribution of the cause of death. The difference between reported confirmed deaths and total deaths varies by country and may not be accurate as some people that are dying of the same are assumed to have died from other natural existing causes.

The only way we can be sure that they don’t continue affecting the mass population is to entirely have a whole population quarantined with no movement whatsoever and maybe that way, the virus will not have a host to make it survive. If the same is directed to the animals and bearing in mind that they are capable of fighting diseases by the wild food they eat, then we can at least divert it to the forests until we come up with a vaccine or effective medicine. That is where it had a convenient host until a hungry man in Wuhan decided to eat a flying bat.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly For 254

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