Selfish Leaders Slowly Brewing Unstoppable Revolution In Kenya.


It is very sad how every 20th October Kenyans and the government emotionally tell tales of our struggles for freedom.

To those born after 1960s it’s all history about resilience, patriotism sacrifice and love for our beautiful Nation.

The challenge is the remnants of the home guards and those close to them some of whom never tasted the 1st struggle nor the 2nd liberation and have now taken the leadership positions. They have literally led the nation to a social, economic, health and education gap between the haves and the have nots.
They often hire the best media gurus for PR and end up painting a very good picture about Kenya but things are different on the ground.

Insecurity, poor health management, poor inconsistency in education policy, lawlessness, over representation by elected officials, injustice and joblessness that is led by lack of industrialization.

As we mark Mashujaa Day 2019, Kenya is faced yet again with a call for a referendum with the Handshake celebrants Uhuru and Raila pushing for *BBI* that increases elected representatives, while Ruto who has been vocal but branded a thief, land grabber and a killer is fighting for *Punguza Mzigo* with a Hustler tag against the Dynasties.

We cannot claim that having more executive positions will bring peace and coexistence in Kenya, that is a narrative that is being driven by those greedy leaders who feel guilty of their father’s abuse of office.

Peace and coexistence will be achieved when the peasant farmer will easily sell his product. Peace will be achieved when the hospitals, schools, water taps, electricity, road network, security and industries will be evenly distributed in all parts of Kenya.

If there will be voter driven revolution by the ballot, then the growing masses of skilled, very educated, energetic but poor Kenyan youth will lead to anger and once they get a united front, they will be unstoppable.
It all starts with how Kenya’s public policy is drafted and implemented.
I salute our 1950s Mashujaas and those who supported the fight against the colonial powers.

I salute the 2nd liberation heroes who fought for multiparty system, and I salute the current Mashujaa who spend their day to day lives individually and privately changing the life of a fellow Kenyan even without recognition or Presidential Awards.

Happy Mashujaa Day fellow Kenyans.

Captain Njoroge Njeri aka CNN mtoto wa mama.

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