Send Money Direct To Your Relatives Or Your Immediate Poor Neighbors Back Home: DNA Advise It’s Members.



“We all at DNA can afford to buy our own masks and feed our families here, so let us assist our immediate family members and poor neighbours back home” John Kimani

Diaspora National Assembly is an organization comprised of dynamic able men and women that speaks for the voiceless. We care for the marginalized and for the less fortunate people in our society back in Kenya. During this time of the pandemic we resolved to inform all our members worldwide to send their donations, direct to their fellow family members in Kenya or direct to their poor next door neighbors.

This is the time to give not through proxies, but direct, as that is the best way to ensure that the money sent will reach to the right people and used for the purpose it is intended for.

Without necessarily going into any statistics and by simply judging from the level of debates in the August houses, DNA is a group comprised of able men and women of means and with reflective minds. We therefore do not fall into the categories of the few groups that are busy fundraising for their members. All our members are blessed and can afford a mask as well as being able to provide for their families.

That is the reason why we are urging our members to consider sending their donations directly to their brothers and sisters back home and extend the same, to one poor family in the very villages that we left behind. We also do have members with existing organizations that help the poor back in Kenya and we encourage them to continue doing good to their fellow citizens.

The Diaspora National Assembly, aka DNA, is an organization established in the wake of the BBI debate, in order to articulate issues affecting Kenyans in the Diaspora and ensuring that their concerns are not footnotes in the raging National debate.

Ours is an effort to seek the elusive unity that is lacking within the Kenyan Diaspora worldwide.

Through constructive engagement, devoid of name calling and character assassination, enlightened men and women use the assembly platforms to champion among other issues, easy access to Diaspora documentation needs that are currently time and cost consuming. Through print, social and broadcast media, DNA is slowly pushing vital formulated Diaspora agendas to alert the authorities back home. The need to immediately have a Diaspora desk to streamline the current issue of passports backlog and ID’S including other documents is top of our agenda.

Issues debated on our platform becomes resolutions that are forwarded as press releases to various departments or institution for actions.

The DNA has a cabinet that focus and Zeroin on issues affecting the Diaspora and how to highlight and present them to the National Government in Kenya.

DNA aspires to bring about unity of purpose, action and voice among Kenyans of all walks of life in the Diaspora. We hope to succeed where others have failed by ensuring that the welfare of Kenyans in the Diaspora when it comes to representation, and our heavily taxed remittances is at the core of our agenda.

We are a nonpartisan group that cycles around the orbit of peace and which practices politics of tolerance.

DNA expect all to be focused on their very purpose that brought them to this country and incase there are some who have failed or struggling, we can only encourage them to join other groups that specialize in such agendas as we do not have one already in place at the moment. We also wish to inform all that we do not offer guidance on investments and such are left to the individual to consider what is the best way to go about it. There are groups in the Diaspora that specialize in Development issues.

However leaders of such groups can join the assembly for advancement in the areas DNA specialize in.  We therefore are not a charitable organization, social group, or a consultant group, but a serious think tank group that deliberates on policies that affect us when it come to documentation, investment advancement, and representation back home.

We only deal with policies that affect Kenyans in the Diaspora and our assemblies are busy formulating those policies in our proposed 2050 Diaspora Development policy agenda.

On top of the agenda is the formation of a Diaspora Ministry so that most of the issues that affect all like documentation, representation and investing back home, can be looked into in a more serious manner.

At this time of the pandemic DNA is only concerned with disseminating of information to those in the Diaspora and also to our fellow Kenyans back home on the best way possible to stop the scourge. We as an Assembly with focused issues may not be in a position to assist in monetary terms as we have already unanimously deliberated and defined the most effective approach.

We wish all in the Diaspora worldwide good health and assure them that this COVID-19 is just a passing crowd and by Grace of our good Lord it will soon pass away.


Global President

Diaspora National Assembly

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