File picture of the late Chief Waiyaki Wa Hinga

By Rev. Wambui Njoroge, M.Sci.

Today marks the Memorial of my hero, Chief or in Kikuyu Muthamaki Waiyaki wa Hinga. Muthamaki translates as King. I30 years ago, according to verifiable historical documents, Waiyaki Wa Hinga died on the way to Mombasa in the cruel hands of the British Colonial Power of that time. When I look back to Kenya 130 years ago, I am amazed at how far the country has advanced. One of the things I note is according to Scripture in Romans 8:28, “All things work out together for good.” Waiyaki wa Hinga, was a martyr and sacrificed his life for the sake of his tribe and country.  My grandfather, David Githagui Waiyaki, told me, oh, it was not just for the tribe. Muthungu wanted everything-take land, our women, our cattle “uhiu” people to work free for him. Then tell you what to do, when and how to worship. Today, I mark the memorial my Kenyan hero, Muthamaki Waiyaki Wa Hinga. Unfortunately, to this day, as his extended family, we have not been successful in identifying his burial place in Kimbwezi…so the mission continues. We would like to give him a decent burial in Kikuyu. For today I say, Rest in Eternal Peace Chief. In life, you had a great impact, but more so in death. His impact continues with his lineage.

102 years ago, one of Waiyaki’s son, Benjamin Githieya Waiyaki (Mother-Wambui Kairigo) became a Christian through Scottish Missionaries. He was Baptized, and later consecrated as an elder, leading to studying ministry at Tumutumu, and being ordained as Rev. Benjamin. He had a great influence on his nephew, my father who raised me, Mr. Waiyaki wa Githagui. It was Rev. Benjamin who preached the gospel all over Kikuyu as if the end of the world had arrived. At least that’s what I thought. He traveled extensively in Kiambu District, and far away parishes, busy starting Churches. During his time, ordained ministers lived by faith. For issues of bread and bread, he worked Monday to Friday as teacher. He once checked my work…before I could write my name. He traveled to preach as a circuit preacher, mostly to officiate the sacrament of Holy Communion, Weddings, Baptism, and dedicating babies.  Catechism was taught by Mr. Samuel Gathinji of Rungiri Parish. As a result, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ spread like wildfire in my home area. You know as a child; I believed God was presbyterian and he lived on our ridge. Rev. Benjamin donated land, and founded, PCEA Kihumo Church. This is the Church that is built on the spot/place where Captain Lugard first pitched his tent on his way to Uganda. It is because of his witness that I preach the gospel as an Evangelist/missionary to the United States and its territories.

When I was 10 years old, Rev. Benajmin made a public call in our Church that anyone who wanted to go and preach the gospel at Ndunyu ya Wangigi, should meet him outside. I was the only child that showed up. He told me, “Wambui, I did not call children.”  I politely replied, “You did not specify that little children cannot preach. You said anyone.” When he smiled, I knew that was good. I overheard the grownups say, let her come along.  Perhaps, I had more than one reason to travel besides preaching, which now I call witnessing.  He was the preacher, and all the others were witnesses. Since he was the only preacher that drove a Buick then, First, I wanted to get a ride in the car, and second, to preach.  That was the first Sunday afternoon that I stood in the open-air market with the “Saved Ones.” People said they were crazy about Jesus Christ. My Auntie Wambui was leading the songs with a drum. Witnesses were singing all the time, “Tukutendereza Yesu.” I loved to sing and that is how I started in the ministry. Tata Wambui, often remarked, you have a gift child use it. The next time, I knocked on the vestry door and asked to be allowed to read the Bible during a service…I did not know that folks need to be invited to sing, preach, and read the word/ Rev wambui is a freelance writer with Kenyanparentsinusa/Visit Online read more articles by various writers. Comments/


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