Shaking Hands With A person Who Does Not Respect Civil Servants Is A Waste Of Time.


The call by some church leaders to reconcile President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto is like telling two lovers who are supposed to be hugging one another to shake hands at the same time.

There is not a time William Ruto was stopped from doing Government job and the assumed rift is his imagination as the work of a Deputy is more of uniting Kenyans than coordinating ministries which already have able CS’s and Permanent Secretaries. The workers he goes maligning and abusing in public platforms and assumed enemies of the people are the people he should be reconciling with but not the President.

Deputy Presidents are not workers but people that should give direction to workers and so long as Government machinery which in essence are the Government institutions are functioning normally, there are no duties to perform.

 The only thing the President did was to ease the burden of the Deputy once he realized that he had other more important agendas of giving wheelbarrows and mikokoteni.

That is the time he realized that his deputy was not interested in carrying out the remaining enormous work of the five pillars agenda.

There is no need of reconciliation as William Ruto has outlined his lone agenda and the President seem to be happy with the people he is working with.

The person who should be talking to President Uhuru without proxies is William Ruto himself and it can be as simple as saying “ I have abandoned the early campaigns and ready to work with you”

Forcing William Ruto to shake hands is not necessary and will not work as long as he is not ready to stop early campaigns. As far as Church is concerned, he is at liberty to attend but as long as the same are aimed at wooing people with handouts, the Government should stop those activities as campaigns have not been officially announced.

Early campaigns should be stopped at all cost due to COVID-19, as they put people that attend at risk. The same are interfering with the continuation of implementing Government projects due to the waste of money used in controlling unnecessary crowds.The Government should not even provide security as the functions are not part of Government agenda but personal.

This is not time for handshake but for leaders to stick to the mandate they were voted for to fulfill and if they cannot do it, they can as well quit. William Ruto is among such who want to sabotage the Government purposely then capitalize on it’s failure to popularize himself in order to have a bargaining power with the Government he never assisted and the same should never happen.

Kenya is bigger than an individual and the focus should not be that individual as it’s derailing the President’s day to day duties he has vowed to continue doing without any assistance. Instead of shaking hands with a Deputy who does not respect civil Servants, it’s better to spare that handshake for another day in the near future as William Ruto has simply derailed and cant be helped.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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