Show The Usefulness Of Counties As Per 2010 Constitution: DNA Challenges Kenyan Governors



The three devolved Assemblies of Diaspora National Assemblies, UK, Western, Southern and DNA Central Government for the last two days, have been debating on the measures that should be put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Kenya.

The four assemblies have noted the lack of involvement of mainly Governors and majority of the senators, who should by now be using the Emergency funds allocated to them to equip their counties with adequate PPEs, staff and facility capabilities to combat Covid19.

We will hereby post contributions from members and hope that Governors will come forward like 001 Governor has done to fight the COVID-19 collectively in the spirit of Harambee.

ELIZABETH NJERU: Good day fellow Kenyans,  today and the rest of this week we continue engaging in the Covid 19 discussions,  and while we are talking about disaster preparedness and management in Kenya, we are also talking about individual ,family and community responsibility and engagement. 

Let us also rally together and talk about our mental health wellbeing during these harsh times.

What support systems are available to and for individuals and families of Kenyans in the diaspora??

 Hon ELIZABETH NJERU: The floor is now open, we are reminded to participate in an honorable manner,  avoid clips and forwards unless accompanied by a qualifying post,  and to only use English or Swahili in our discussions.

Ahsanteni and Karibuni.

ELIZABETH NJERU: Every county governor, senator, WR, MPs and MCAs should be taken to task…they have the tools, they need to show up and do some work.

Hon Christine Muchene: Madam speaker, Governor Joho 001 is doing a commendable job. Other governors should get out and help their counties. The national government might not be able to cater for all.

254 DNA Enthusiast- “The Mayor” on The Floor had this to say

When we talk devolution in and bringing resources closer to the people that’s an idea whose time had come.
We started by building palatial houses for governors and deputies. On average each county was spending upto max 200million.
Then we proceeded to put up county assemblies worth on average 300m.
Whereas and i stand to be corrected an operational ICU unit fully functional 4 beds will cost on average 20million.
Thus we ought to have more then 47 ICUs in all counties with a minimum or an average of 200 ICU beds in county hospitals.
Now while the governors were wallowing in the Miasma of deceit and want they went on a spending spree and becoz they can be flown outside kenya for their specialised treatment they bothered not with the sorry state of the county hospitals.
My query is
We have the national Govt whose main agenda was oversight and transition led by Kinuthia Wa Mwangi.
We have our senators whose main role is oversight .They sleep on their job whereas they are supposed to start with enlightening our MCAs on public participation and keeping the county executive in check.

The senators wait till crimes in the counties are committed and wait till the Auditor general has soo many glaring queries that is when they want to display to the world that they can fix governors.
Representation is key in devolution.
Every county has Emergency funds. Most of them i know without any iota of doubt are busy crafting on how they will siphon the Emergency fund by calling on their cahoots into creating single sourcing avenues to loot. Kenyans must say No to this wanton destruction of our hard earned and paid taxes.

My take
The Mayor

Hon Pastor Mwangi from Arizona Contribution of a Constitution That was amended but never effected had this to say.

Madam Speaker, Honourable Members. When the constitution was changed and promulgated in 2010, the biggest promise, and hope for Kenyans was better service delivery and easy access and interaction with all arms of government.

Today that a pandemic has hit the country, we should now see the importance of a devolved system than any other time.
Every county government could have done every possible to safeguard its people.
The council of governors were supposed to be the first to meet and deliberate on the best way to work with the national government to see to it that the plague doesn’t spread in the country.
We have always seen after every financial year money returned back to the treasury from county’s for lack of being utilized.
Right now, I know there’re county leaders working very hard to divert funds and try to cover evils done as the citizenry has been hit by fear of the unknown.
Madam Speaker, I believe if only we had a responsible county leadership, this pandemic can easily be stopped from spreading.
You’ll find our politicians trying to take advantage to gain political mileage and to hit at the government by forming gangs who’ll terrorize others in the name of looking for food….
If only DNA could raise this issue with council of governors and challenge them to jointly forge ways, with urgency, of talking to their people and putting strict movement restrictions, waiving some bills, and support those who can’t fed for themselves during lockdown, and its affordable, then the national government will be to coordinate most of other services, and offer support with ease, and channel funds in the right direction so as to realize the best results.
My time.

More time to contribute was allocated and he had this to say:

Madam Speaker, Honourable Members, allow me to share with us a bit of how government is ran in case of crises.

The intelligence that advices the President tells him to say something that will distract attention of the citizenry from what exactly is happening.

For example, after millions of money have been given to the government for the fight against COVID 19, the President keeps quiet and after making good arrangements on how the money will be diverted, a statement is made that the President have awarded artists a huge amount of money. Everybody gets angry and all the focus is turned to the small amount he gave out and the bigger amount is forgotten……confusing people.

When the CS allows maize importation, the permits will not go to just any trader, NO, but to a few well connected individuals and most of the money they’ll spend is the huge amount people forgotten about…..when it serikali, just know its simply SIRI KALI…. Majority of these “club members” only fight on how to fill their never to fill bellies….

Unless we raise a harsh voice and speak out in a way they’ll know we know, soon you’ll hear about gangs attacking people…..just to cover up what’s exactly happening…

My time. Thanks.

Hon Contance Mugalla Contribution

I am very stressed about the fact that the government wants to give COVID money or any other resources to traders.  The first person to be paid for any food requirements should be the small farmer, then commercial farmers. Only when the government can prove that they have exhausted local supplies should any tended be given for imports.

Further, imports should be very transparent.  This information should be published and easily available to Wananchi

1. Who was awarded

2. How many bags/tons of corn are imported

3. How much are the traders selling the corn to the government?

Given that the fame of corruption in Kenya precedes us, everything related to COVID must be marked by three important factors:

Transparency, transparency, and transparency. This should be the order of the day.

The above are excepts of all that goes on in the four August Assemblies of DNA and the great concern is how the Central Government has been let down by those Governors who used to shout loudest while the BBI debate was on.

This is the time to wake up to help their people instead of hibernating as hunger is looming in Kenya and when Kenyans will have no other means to survive, are likely to react differently.

It’s time Governors start to mobilize the few resources they have and put in place measures to both contain the pandemic while at the same time looking into methods of how to stock food just incase people run out of it.

DNA is an assembly for the voiceless and we advise all our members worldwide not to contribute money to proxies no matter how reliable, but to directly send the same to their brothers and sisters including their next door poor neighbors.

Arch D.K. Gitau

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

Report Sent to various Government Departments and senior Government Officials in Kenya.

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