Silvia Kiarie Most Indelible Memorial At KACC Marietta Georgia.


Silvia Kiarie memorial held at KACC Kenyan church in Marietta Georgia was a clear testimony of pure love while making a firm statement to the effect that Kenyans living in Georgia, will one day on each Sunday gather together in one big Church to praise the living God.

Silvia’s friends from all walks of life, sitting alongside complete strangers for the first time, shared a moment of closeness and togetherness as they keenly followed the sorrowful proceedings of the well attended memorial.It was more-than-ness to say the least.

A time to weep and a time to be happy” reading from the book of Ecclesiastes by one of Silvia close friend,  accompanied by flowing unavoidable tears and stammer, climaxed the sorrowful occasion and it became evident that Silvia was not there to enjoy that moment.

It was a strange mixture of joy and sorrows, after the many in attendance, keenly listened to the good sermon that followed later and one which made some to change their lives completely by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

The sermon all the same, would take away the momentary joy after the mention of a well lived life of a promising young girl who was described as a walking GPS by one of her friends. A compassionate genius at everything she did and an all around person loved by many that went to school together and even to the many that interacted with her at work. The stories told at the memorial were of envy and describing a special kind of person that made all to be happy and to be proud to have as a friend. What a loss of a beautiful soul and companion was the unanimous conclusion.

Life is a paradox mixture of happiness, tears at times and sorrows and most sad especially when joy is taken away and replaced with sadness of loosing a dear close friend.

The memorial all the same, conspired together to undo the happiness and no amount of jokes, would improve the sorrowful moments for many certainly knew that Silvia was no more as the ineffable fate had decided to take her soul to the unknown to be a free spirit.

Silvia’s life on the earth we live in, will never again radiate with the splendor of success path she was following and it is hard to imagine the void left behind but the will of God prevails all the time.

We as a community can only say fare thee well our dear sister hoping that we will once again meet in Elysian field in another body and spirit.

It’s over and as the family proceeds to Kenya to rest Silvia’s body, we wish them a safe journey and a safe return to join the community and to continue unperturbed by the great loss.

To Silvia mother: You are a strong woman loved by many and God will guide you during this time of great grief.

To the Sisters:  Continue living your fullest life and don’t forget from time to time to share a moment together thanking the Good lord, for he loves you and want you to live longer to glorify and enlarge his territories.

To the Kenyan Community: Continue showing the Harambee Spirit and as a community known for great love and respect to the departed, we will always assemble wealthy, or poor, known, or unknown, to respect the wishes of all families in regards to where they wish to rest their loved ones.

Rev 21:4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

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