Sonko’s Exposure Of Christine Pratt Is Pure Malice But All The Same, Jane Weru’s CV Is Worth The Recommendation.


The recorded telephone conversation between Sonko and Uhuru’s sister Christine Pratt, tried to prove abuse of power but the same is in order when you consider the fact that Jane Weru is a lady who has proved her worth while dealing with the homeless.

Sonko produced the same in court to prove interference in his work but after listening to the tape, there is no harm in recommending a hard working person as the same was not a directive.

The fact that Nairobi people chose a Governor who could not deliver will remain and his behavior especially attacking people on phone while recording, will still make him as the most useless and childish Governor Kenya ever had.

We have a deputy Governor already in place and considering the remaining period to the General election, it would be in order if the proposed elections are put off and the Deputy Governor, confirmed just like they did in Kiambu when Waititu was impeached.

The new Governor, can still appoint Jane Weru to assist her in developing the slums which is the area she has mastered judging by her huge portfolio. Jane Weru is a lawyer and holds a Masters degree in NGO Management with a focus on public interest litigation on behalf of the poor and that is the kind of person the City needs. Just like Christine put it, I will also endorse her and say “she is good”

The telephone conversation may be seen by the short sighted as abuse of power but if the same abuse is recommending some able person, it is in order and should be honored as requested. Sonko’s removal was not as a result of that but due to his gross misconduct and incompetence and on top of it all, not obeying the constitution.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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