Dated: Friday 23rd June 2023. 

For immediate release:

On Thursday, June 22, Azimio One Kenya Coalition announced that they will hold a consultative meeting at Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi next Tuesday 27th June following the passing of the controversial Finance Bill 2023.

As Azimio One Kenya Coalition members in the UK, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Azimio Coalition leaders in calling for the people of Kenya to take up their rightful place in taking charge of their destiny as per section (I) of article 1 of the Kenyan constitution which gives sovereign power to the people of Kenya. 

As Kenyans aggrieved with the level of impunity and clear disregard for the public outcry regarding poor governance and high cost of living we implore Kenyans of good will to stand up and protect our country from abuse and destruction by the self-proclaimed shareholders of the Kenya Kwanza government. 

We believe the passing of 2023-2024 budget by threats and coercion targeted at the members of parliament sets a bad precedence to the legislative arm of the government which is responsible for legislating government policies.

We believe as members of the public we cannot have confidence with the Parliament as we are not guaranteed they can henceforth act in the best interest of our country. As it stands their independence from the executive arm of the government is clearly questionable.  

 Nothing can evidence this better than the various opinion polls carried out prior to the presentation of the 2023/24 budget to the parliament that showed more than 90% of the general public were opposed to the budget. The fact that the members of the parliament passed a budget that was overwhelmingly rejected by the members of the public confirms that something is not right within the precincts of the houses of parliament. 

While we support the Azimio Coalition leadership in providing the way forward in dealing with the rogue Kenya Kwanza government we as voters residing in the UK and Europe in general want to give our members of parliament who have fallen victim of  wallet voting that we have a date with their destiny come 2027.

That they should eat as much as they can because we shall mobilise voters to abandon them just as they have decided to abandon them at their hour of need.

We as Voters we say enough is enough. You cannot betray us by going to bed with a rogue government and voting alongside them to the disadvantage of we the voters who made you a member of national assembly. 

We now know who you owe your allegiance to- the oppressors and not the voters. 

As we wait for our Azimio Leaders to give us directions on Tuesday we want to give a parting shot as tax payers and people who contribute to quite a big chunk of Kenyan foreign exchange that robbing the most vulnerable members of the society after lying to them that you would protect them against the ‘dynasties’ by increasing prices of essential commodities such as fuel, housing, turnover, mobile money transfers and protecting those involved in corruption charges is a sure bet  that the end of your Kingdom is near MENE MENE TEKEL .


  1. Azimio One Kenya Coalition Leader – Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga
  2. Wiper Democratic Party Leader Hon. Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
  3. Narc Party Leader Hon Martha Karua
  4. Azimio national Secretariat
  5. All National & Regional Media Houses 
  6. All Social Media channels

For any media queries please contact:

  1. Thomas Musau

Director of Communications & Media 

Azimio One Kenyan  UK

Mob: +44 7879566553

  1. George Osore : Chairman, Azimio One Kenya UK

Mob: +44 7846 192324

  1. Ali Ali : CEO Azimio One Kenya UK 

Mob: +44 7555 152180


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