It is hard to believe that such people like David Ngare have sympathizers that attend their sermons even after learning that the Pastor has stolen from the poor millions of shillings.

They hide behind pulpits claiming to talk to God on behalf of the poor and in the process pocket their hard earned salary in forms of tithes.

David Ngare even went to another level by forming a Sacco whose aim was not to buy properties but to put funds into other businesses that he owns.

The Government has clear evidence and why they are wasting time,…not arresting the crook and make him answer charges is unbelievable.

These are people that don’t deserve any leadership position and jail is the only place for them so that they can repent their sins.

From Nation report:

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has scheduled sessions with Nairobi and Kiambu residents with fraud complaints against Gakuyo Real Estate, Ekeza Sacco and Gakuyo Investment Club.

The three organisations are linked to controversial televangelist David Kariuki Ngare, popularly known as Gakuyo.

Mr Gakuyo is the overseer of Calvary Chosen Centre Church in Thika, a politician and a businessman.


In a statement on Wednesday, the DCI noted that it had received “numerous” complaints against these organisations.

It asked residents of the two counties to report to its headquarters along Kiambu Road at 9am on March 18 with the supporting documents they have.

“Carry with you bank statements showing withdrawal and deposit agreements, deposit slips, receipts and any other document relevant to the dealings,” John Kariuki said in the statement, on behalf of DCI boss George Kinoti.

Mr Kariuki said a date will be set for residents of other counties to go to the DCI with their complaints.


Mr Gakuyo is accused of siphoning more than Sh1 billion belonging to 78,000 members, mostly peasants, of the troubled Ekeza Savings and Credit Cooperative Society.

He is said to have started an investors’ club at Gakuyo Real Estate, where he and his wife Hannah Wachu are co-directors, and asked Kenyans to invest their money to help the company run the business and in return reap a two per cent monthly interest.

Mr Gakuyo allegedly used the money to upgrade his lifestyle by buying prime properties for his family and boosting his struggling real estate firm.

The televangelist’s assets were to be seized amid members’ pleas for intervention by the government.

Ekeza Sacco was registered four years ago, but its licence was revoked in 2018. Most of its members are from Thika in Kiambu County although it has 26 branches across the country.

The DCI’s economic crimes department questioned Mr Gakuyo on March 7. He went there with a team of six lawyers and did not speak to journalists.

Mr Gakuyo is fighting claims of fraud at Ekeza but is facing new fraud claims for allegedly using similar tricks to swindle people through his real estate firm.





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  1. That is exactly what I am addressing in my book which is selling very well in amazon Kindle "who is at the pulpit in our kenyan churches today" even here in USA. Cheating and stealing from "poor" using the phrase " Mungu aliniambia, alinionyesha ama alinituma." Poor souls let us open our eyes and learn to question with civility but in firmness. J.chege


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