Former candidate MP for Githunguri in 2013 & 2017, a friend and long term staunch supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta and His government in the fight against Corruption, and the Team Leader for President Uhuru Legacy Team (PULT) has become the first Social Democrat and Pan-Africanist to announce a 2022 run for the Githunguri Parliamentary seat.

I have worked with several International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) including Medecins Sans Frontieres “Doctors Without Borders” and the United Nation Organizations such as WFP and WHO in various domain and positions i.e. ICT, Asset management, Procurement, Supply Chain management, Health Logistics etc…Holder of two Masters, one in Business administration and management and another in Procurement and Supply chain management; Diploma in ICT Network Administration and Security; Certificates in Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE) and BSAFE Training by the UNDSS and UN-CMCoord amongst many other merit trainings. Served as a Director in State Corporations and with vast experience in philanthropy, development and interested in geopolitics.

In an interview with the local Media, Stephen N. Kinuthia well known as “Wamother” echoed many of the themes that motivated his two last candidatures as Member of Parliament for Githunguri and why he want to contest again. My motivation remains the same “greatest desire to serve people, in whatever capacity”, including a focus on the disadvantaged families, working families and support for the middle class – the households that live hand to mouth. My Manifesto remains the same and it will be accessible once the campaign time comes.

I was born and brought up in a very humble and God fearing family of eight children. I may confess that I served as an Altar Boy at Miguta and Lioki Catholic missions for more than 4 years but failed to join Seminary and today as we talk, I would probably have been an Archbishop but God decided otherwise.

I have always refused to campaign in places of faith, worship or in funerals.

Our campaigns have always been about you “Wanjiku”. It’s about the hardworking families like the one that I grew up in. It’s about the less advantaged in our society: PWDs, Orphans, It’s about the old people “elders” who need a helping hand dearly. It’s about our tea, coffee, dairy farmers who are under enormous financial pressure and losing billions due to poor road infrastructure, facing trade injustice and exploitation, and left under the mercies of cartels. It’s about our helpless and hopeless youth, young people who have been forgotten and left behind by those at the top. It’s about those family bread winners whose businesses have been knocked down due to Covid-19 and now getting back up together etc…

I swear I wake-up each morning, thinking about how best I could serve the people of Githunguri if they elect me as their Member of Parliament. It’s the sad truth that we have become a voiceless constituency because we elected individuals with questionable integrity to represent us – “Tumbocrats”. This is unbelievable but true!

During every election we are critical of who gives more hand-outs, dishing-out money, distribute goodies during campaigns – electoral clientelism, and most politicians have mastered that. This is due to the fact that the politicians of the past have left gaping holes in their administration and integrity. Politicians pick up a gimmick here and there and use their rhetoric to mesmerize the voters and demonize opponents.

Beyond that they have no vision for Wanjiku, except their own personal agendas – how to plunder public funds, abuse of power to amassing of spectacular personal wealth through embezzlement or other dishonest means for financing “bribe” the next general election. As a result we become voiceless too.

The only way we can recover the lost voice and vision of the people of Githunguri and this Nation would be to set high standards in the party nominations and electing servant leadership and not politicians. Raise the criteria like compelling the political parties by legislation to follow set parameters with their goal being the development of the country and not to enrich individuals.

You’re going to hear a lot of negatives over the months to come before elections, but remember this: no one can take the fact away from Stephen N. Kinuthia “WAMOTHER” that he loves Githunguri Constituency and this Nation. It’s time to stand against “Ignorance culture” and elect someone who will represent your interest. The Voice We Derserve!

I have heard the voice and the cry of the people of Githunguri: They have decided not to go down the path they had gone down for the last election as it relates to the Member of Parliament race – To do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is insanity.

This time round, it will not be business as usual – we need to stop misusing and abusing the faith, honesty, hope and aspiration of our voters. Githunguri should be a place where hard work and merit are rewarded, justice and public service delivery is timely, and opportunity is right in front of you. That’s a Githunguri We Want – and that’s why I’m running for Member of Parliament seat to represent you.

At the end of the day, we’re all here for one reason: We want a better Githunguri for our children and a selfless Member of Parliament who will lobby for our share from the National Cake. We don’t need a crystal ball to predict that Stephen N. Kinuthia “WAMOTHER” will take over from the current populism.

I think it’s about time we have representatives willing to get things done and move us forward in a way that actually works for our Youth to get sustainable income both in formal and informal sector; our farmers to enjoy the fruits of their labour; ourselves to enjoy security, quality public services and not these Bottom-Up vs Trickle Down politics – a campaign balderdash.

I believe that unless farmers and workers get paid higher prices for their work and produce, they will continue to face exploitation and poverty. I’m deeply convinced that there is need for an innovative holistic approach to the development of sustainable agriculture within sustainable food systems.

For different reasons, young people find it more and more difficult to find a job. This is a reality. Youth unemployment can lead to social exclusion and unrest. We need to Invest in decent job creation as well as in education and labour training opportunities for the youth. This will help them find their place and contribute to more prosperous and stable societies.

Building a more inclusive economy: We are at a critical juncture for generating greater opportunities for entrepreneurs “Jua Kali and Mama mboga”, talented youth, experienced job seekers who should be financially rewarded for their know-how.

As Kenya recovers from the health and economic crises, workers need more opportunities to progress based on their experience and to gain access not only to new jobs but to good jobs that open the door to ongoing economic advancement.

Food security is a national security priority, but we must get the priorities and responsibilities right. It’s a priority to modernize agriculture, to achieve self-sufficiency and food security from wards to national level.

In line with the National and County government food security, food safety and nutrition policies, there’s need to partner with small-scale farmers, agricultural institutions, and other partners who can help build a sustainable food infrastructure that is resilient and responsive to local needs. We must demonstrate a new commitment in order to achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

My experience as a Director at Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC) and Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) respectively is an added value in terms of advancing and implementing sustainable tourism policies; explores the economic, social and environmental benefits and costs associated with eco-tourism growth; and food security in the constituency and in the country.

Today, I remain focused serving the people and the Nation in Food Security, Economic Recovery and helping the needy during this COVID-19 pandemic period.


Article from The Diaspora Times.

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