Stop Entertaining These “Snoop Dog” And “Corazon” Dressed Idlers: Kenyan Parents In USA Organization Urges Kenyans In Diaspora


Kinshasha Governor today 11/21/1919 went shopping at a shop in Paris, but fellow Congolese Citizens beat him up mercilessly citing persistent corruption by Politician in DRC.

This has corresponded with the visit of Kenyan politicians in Dallas Texas, such as Charity Ngilu who are here supposedly for a conference organized by chamber of commerce Dallas Chapter.

Their minds will definitely not be focused on the proceedings but rather, where to spend their rooted county funds, as they wine and dine in high class expensive hotels paid by tax payers hard earned money.

The big question is whether these politicians just like the DRC ones, only come for shopping and to solicit County donation which they later embezzle.

Kenyans in Diaspora recently invited Hon Musalia Mudavadi to a conference in New Jersey and the outcome was pathetic as the uneasy stammering politician never agreed to be questioned but instead, he was in a hurry to go and dine with his tribesmen at a nearby Church function.

There were no serious issues discussed and he never gave them any hope of a push to Diaspora voting and how Diaspora can be included to play a vital role in Development Projects and decision making.

Kenyans peg their arguments on the Diaspora remittances that have been on the increase over the last five years and they feel that they are being ignored as if they dont exist.

The conferences do not address the pertinent issues facing many in Diaspora like travel documents and identifications  that have made many Kenyans helpless for they cannot afford to travel to DC due to fear of being caught by US authorities as many are in default of the visa rule.

There are several pathetic Kenyans in major Cities homeless and sleeping under bridges without jobs and only waiting for well wishers.

There are many Kenyans with children who have reached majority age and cannot afford to travel to DC to process documents that are pegged with many un-necessary requirements.

The well to do in US will meet Ngilu at the Airport or Mudavadi, but the poor are isolated from the rest of the Kenyans and are only discovered when death strikes like it happened to the late homeless Manjanja and many others.

Surprisingly, the majority come from well-up families back home or average families but they are not bold enough to tell their story, so that generous Kenyans can organize their  travel documents and fare back home.

These politicians will soon meet the wrath of Kenyans when they will be chased as they go around doing shopping in major Cities trying to buy designer clothes or in the case of dimwits like Mike Sonko, buying Tupak or snoop dog attire to impress their villagers back in Kenya. They are total disgrace to their fellow Kenyans and should stay in Kenya to improve the lives of many that are desperate due to corruption that have halted vital services.

Kenyans should put a stop to entertaining these idlers and tell them to stay home improving the lives of Kenyans. They simply waste Government resources as they don’t  put our message across to the Government in regards to the issue of vital documents and other pertinent issues affecting Kenyans in the Diaspora.

We will have to keep on pushing the issue hoping that a new Government will one day address the issue since Uhuru visit to US, are in a way surreptitious in nature and all the time, avoids meeting Diaspora leaders during his visits.

As for now, its everyone for himself and as the deadline for passport come closer, all are advised to go to DC early enough or next year will be chaotic when Kenyans as usual rush to get the same,.. which will cost them dearly and likely take several days.





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  1. Gitau I couldn’t agree more with you. Instead of Charity Ngilu coming to the USA she should be busy contributing and donating funds to build her county. Imagine if everyone in Kitui County contributed to the county kitty they would not need to solicit funds from overseas or the government. In fact, if all counties had budgets which produce surpluses, the government would not need to solicit donations from overseas. I am in full agreement with President Magufuli of Tanzania who has designated China, USA and other countries as parasites who want to feed on Tanzania’s wealth. He is busy building the country using its own resources and doing a damn good job at it.

  2. Is there a specific reason as to why they visit?
    Isn’t this money enough to set up an office where we can go and get the services of ID and Passports? And our President is saying Kenya is broke. Yes it is for unnnesessary expenses.


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