Sudanese Toiling Woman Deserves Better Than It Is The Case Currently.

Akoya Hussain

Written by: Akoya Hussain

The women with the heart of the nation are those who start their day in the fields toiling and persevering all types of weathers to make productive the land of the homeland that was neglected by state institutions.

They  grow and bear the good things for which Sudan has been proud of by being recognized  in the world food supply in commodities such as watercress, peanuts,  Radish, okra, green vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and others and its all through the hard work of the Sudanese woman.  

The industrious Sudanese women are devoted to their work to save some money to sustain their families while denying their human dignity and pride.

They strenuously work in fields which are usually taken as men tasks in other parts of the world like in the field of bricks, in the field of excavations,  and  working tirelessly in the  irrigation fields.

They struggle to bring the good out of the earth to reach the women of the cities and capitals who don’t envy their lives while desperately trying to cope with the latest fashion trend, and as they enjoy that goodness if lucky, they are not even aware who is behind it.

Industrious Sudanese women do not have a dream about their own beauty, because from morning to evening and even at night, they work in their fields non-stop. The world of make-up or dressing with henna or pencils marks above their eyebrows like other modern women do is a thing of the past.

Sudan and it’s society is one of the countries that does not establish or recognize any human value and dignity for women at all, and there are no rights for them at all.

It is here we find one of the most dangerous regime in the land that do nothing to stop immoral practices against women and they just watch the gross violations without giving severe punishment to those doing it.

The toiling Sudanese woman spends on her house supporting all in the family, but in the end there is no one to reward them for their sacrifices.

The hard working women of Sudan are mostly in the fields , and are still in the lead fighting  for freedom and human rights in Sudan.

The whole world should look into the injustice done to the Sudanese women with a view of not making them not go through the current suffering they are facing today.


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