Suicides &Tragedies On The Rise By Dr. Penny Njoroge



The article below was written by Dr Penny Njoroge while still in her current situation.

It is so touching to note that she is still thinking about the community she loves most. The best we can do as a community is to support her so that she can be able to stand again on her two feet an continue with her relentless mission of helping the Diaspora community.(Dr. D.K Gitau President Kenyan Parents In USA)

In different seasons of life, everyone faces challenges beyond one’s ability to overcome alone. It may be the loss of a loved one, serious life changing illnesses or other events. Divorce and separation. Broken relationships. Difficult parenting. Job loss trickling into loss of homes to foreclosure and bankruptcy etc. Failure of a business. The list is endless and perhaps you find yourself in this list today. You may be feeling helpless, hopeless and alone. It’s for such reasons that many have become depressed, withdrawn, turning to alcohol and substance abuse to sooth their pain and sense of failure.

 Unaware of their underlying problems that we all try to cover up for fear of rejection, shame and being laughed about, we blame, condemn and judge people. Sadly this often happens at people’s worst moments when they are desperately crying and praying for help. Especially in these holiday season.
PLEASE look out for each other more often than before. Let nobody suffer alone. We are all prone to failure and mistakes.

Today it’s ME tomorrow it’s YOU. Nobody is exempted. Let’s rally together and fight for each other because we belong together. There is great strength in unity when we willingly share our God given resources, information, wisdom, talents, encouragement.

There is ENOUGH to go round for Everybody if we stop selfishness and hoarding while others starve physically, psychologically or emotionally.

 PLEASE look out for each other especially during this season. Having lost 2 siblings and my mother in previous Decembers on Christmas and New Year’s eve I know it can be very tough, lonely and depressing. But I thank God for my caring and deeply supportive Children and Family who uplift me every time they notice I’m sinking into my grief. I’m praying for you. I’m a professionally trained Telephone Counseling Provider as well as Board Certified Death and Grief Therapist. Inbox me if I can serve you.

Remember. There is life after grief and pain. May the Lord carry you through your Wintry Seasons of life until you BLOOM and emotionally Fly again like a newborn beautiful butterfly that You are.
 The above article was written by Penny while still in her current situation.

It is so touching to note that she is still thinking about the community she loves most

Hello Friends and Family, as many of you might have known, about 3yrs ago one of our very active and generous mothers and community leaders, Penny Njoroge fell sick after a critical emergency surgery. By God’s mercy, she came through.

The recovery process has been difficult with many complications. She has been out of work and Inevitably, medical  expenses like medicines are substantially costly hence the need to stand with her as a community.


Chris Kabai : (205) 240-0859

Pst. Morris Kabiru: (205) 587-4230

Simon Njoroge: (205) 533-4126

Joseph Mwangi :(205) 240 8117

Anne Mwai : (205) 482 6121


1. Pauline Kago:~ $PollyKago

(205) 447-9280

2. Drop cash/checks at

Wananchi Store Homewood and Thuku’s  Store Pelham. Kindly address all Envelopes & Checks to Penny Njoroge.


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