Those born in those transistor radio and great wall years, will recall that our fathers and especially or  mothers, always taught all in the family exemplary good and socially acceptable moral behaviors like all good parents preach to their Children:

“Son do not steal,

“Do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you”

“Love thy neighbors”,

“Obey your father and your mother for that is the gods greatest commandment”.

“Treat all with courtesy and respect and in return you too will be respected”.

That was a daily song done while attentively listening without a cell phone distracting as they were not there. The family meetings were not done on a daily basis for they would at times be shelved for some serious disciplinary cane sessions.

Despite the beatings, our parents had a strong conviction of bringing up an ideal family that all parents wish to accomplish.

Therefore teaching of family values, morally acceptable behaviors and instilling discipline was like a major pastime.

Hence children were taught almost everything including all morally and ethically acceptable behaviors and all were aimed at overcoming all challenges in life.

Challenges that face all humans as they grew up and if one is not prepared, could succumb to total defeat but a majority of us were quite aware of the same at an early age and were ever prepared to solve all problems as they came along.

We had on the other hand gone through an education system that initially and slowly taught us technical and social skills needed to sustain basic material life and as well as to try and understand the world  we live in.

Bible was taught both in School and more so further stressed in the evenings either by direct talk or by listening to biblical stories that made us to fear the Lord.

We too had our own stories that would be told in the evenings around the fire place and though not biblical, they were of great help to learn ways of life and still do something else to arouse our imagination

We were taught through bible how to respect each other and the message would further be stressed on Sunday by Sunday school teachers who really knew how to instill morals to the young attentive listeners that had no cell phones.

We therefore grew up fearing God and at the same time respecting one another.

Apart from the games that we played while using our own ingenuity and applying basic improvisation, we had no internet to watch, no cell phones to join groups and no nothing.

We had no toys except the ones we made out of mud or wood but all the same, we had a lot of fun especially with games that would change from season to season.

That is now the generation that are over 55 years.

Then there is a middle generation in their 35 – 40 and yet another digital generation below 30 years and still yet another spoilt generation below 20 we can just call the know it all and get it all generation.

Let us now take the 35-40 generation and call it cell phone generation.

That is the generation that have gone through schooling when punishment was abolished.

The generation with rich parents that will simply warn teachers “you dare beat my child and you will know who I am  That is the modern parents who can simply drive to school and warn a teacher of dire consequences and at times beat him or her and drive off.

It is the digital generation where the girl child is more empowered than the boy child and treated like a special something. They are completely spoilt by their rich dads and as they mix with poor kids, they are envied and that is when the poor child will start thinking of ways of getting money to be equal.

The poor boy child will even steal to compete with the naturally rich and the poor girl child will get the temptation of being kept by a rich man twice her age at times, to get money so that she can compete with the child of the rich.

Boys will then start teaching themselves how to do everything like men as in most of the time they have no responsible parent to show them how to be responsible people or what it means to be a real man.

Their mothers never let them interact with the dad and in most cases the dad has already divorced the mother.

A spoilt generation that is always on telephone chatting or reading facebook and after getting tired take by force the remote control and even if the dad is in that house, they only want to watch their favorite program.

The dad has no chance of listening to news and if he insists, it’s a quarrel.

That is the same generation that burned many schools and got away with it.

When now you see the frequent murders taking place, that is the same generation that grew up doing whatever they like and without guidance. They have no respect for the father or mother and all was as a result of not getting the proper discipline either in school or at home.

It’s no longer necessary beating up the child, but a simple thing like grounding him or her and not allowing any access to the phone of tablet in modern world, is more than beating the child.

They have been so much brainwashed by technology that, it is like getting a contagious disease

Those are the same electronics the parents use to calm their children. They allow them to have them for they have no time for bible stories or to tell the folklore stories as they are busy making money mostly at night or even clubbing

What happened to the old times when parents had time for their children?

We were brought up with strict discipline and our parents still loved us. They were beating us due to the much love they had for us so as to ensure that, we grew up as responsible people but today, it’s totally different as it is termed child abuse.

Where did we throw the teaching of the Holy Book and the common slogan spare the rod spoil the child?…. forgotten!

It is only in this generation where a father has no moral obligation to punish their son or daughters for fear of going to jail or breaking up a relationship.

When did we start derailing, and can it be rectified in this modern world where fear has been instilled in all?

Just wishing that it will maybe happen as the saying “asiye funzwa na mamake atafunzwa na dunia”.

Too bad but what can we do when surrounded by technology that has made humans to throw rational thinking out of the window and replacing it with mind controlling devices that have slowly changed and controlled our minds.

Sad and many will just say, let nature take its course.

Mary Ngotho

Editorial Board


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