By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

There are 43 tribes or different communities in Kenya. The 2010 Kenya Constitution allows for every Kenyan, to contest the seat of the President in an election, regardless of tribe or locality.  It is alleged that in 2013,  before President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President Dr. William Ruto ran for office, the Kikuyu tribe and the Kalenjin tribe signed a treaty to allow for Uhuru Kenyatta to lead Kenya for 10 years and thereafter his Deputy Dr. William Ruto to lead Kenya for 10 years.

The process eliminated the presence of the other communities in Kenya, from participating in the signing of the treaty.  Kenya is a democratic nation where every one has a right to run for any political seat regardless of tribe or locality. 

Going by that treaty in the 2022 elections, is to lead the Nation of Kenya into a very dangerous scenario in future, when elections will be only a formality of stamping the already selected individuals for the position of Presidency. It will be removing Kenya from light into darkness. Doing so will be unfair to the would be willing contestants of Presidency in Kenya.  Furthermore,  not all the Kikuyus and not all the Kalenjins were involved in the signing of the 2013 treaty.

It is therefore not only offensive to force that treaty to the other 41 communities in Kenya, but it is also offensive to force some of the  the Kikuyus and some of the Kalenjins who were not involved in the signing of the treaty, to abide by the treaty.

Such treaties are an abuse of democracy and a violation of the rights of the majority of the Kenyan people. No one in Kenya has the mandate to dictate to the Kenyan people who to elect and who not to elect, and who should run for Presidency and who should not. It is an extremely scaring scenario  just in case the treaty will be extended, so that Dr. William Ruto and another Kenyan signs another similar treaty in 2022 for the next 20 years.  It  will certainly deprive millions of Kenyans the freedom to elect someone of their own choice, and it will also scare the would be good leaders, from contesting Presidency in Kenya.

The right minded Kenyans should dismiss such treaties in the strongest terms they deserve,  because they tend to drive  Kenyans back to the one party state, where leaders were  selected way before the elections and  the electorate was just used as  rubber stamp of the already selected leaders.

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