Following the 2008 Massacre, a conflict of interest arose between the ICC and the then Government of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Uhuru and Ruto were of the idea, that the Post Election Violence, should have been left to the Kenya Government for investigation, and hence prosecution of those who were found guilty. After the ICC proceeded with the case at the Hague, a lot happened in Kenya. An estimated number of hundreds of witnesses disappeared in thin air. Mr Chris Chege Msando was mysteriously murdered, Mr. Jacob Juma was mysteriously murdered, Mr. Dickson Bogonko Bosire disappeared, Mr. Albert Muriuki disappeared. And many other Kenyans disappeared, and more others were found mysteriously murdered.

To many Kenyans, most of the mysterious disappearances of Kenyans, and most of the mysterious murders, were suspiciously related and linked to the Kenya Politics. There  is therefore a very important to question. What motive and   interest  would those arrested Security officers  have had in those mysteriously murdered Kenyans and those who were subjected to mysterious disappearances?  What conflict of interest would have existed between those Security officers and those victims, which would have prompted or driven those Security officers, to the extent of mysteriously murdering and/or subjecting those victims, into mysterious disappearances.

Whereas, there appears nothing which would have directly driven the security officers into committing such  heinous crimes without the orders of those in authority, Kenyans should be extremely worried, that there could be a sinister motive, to eliminate all the evidences which would incriminate those who had been in leadership  positions in Kenya during the past 10 years, Ruto having  been one of them. And the best way to clear all the evidences, which would incriminate those past leaders, would be to eliminate all those past security officers, because they are the only ones who have the information, about all what led to those crimes that were committed. Therefore, if Ruto and his Government are sincere enough in what he says is a clean up exercise of the past murders and the past mysterious disappearances of Kenyans, he should order immediate court proceedings of all those security officers already arrested, so that Kenyans can hear their side of the stories.

Without the quick arraignment of the arrested Security officers before the Kenya courts of law, there is great fear. There is great danger, that one by one, all those past security officers who certainly know a lot secretes concerning past crimes and past atrocities will be eliminated under very mysterious circumstances. After the two 5 years terms each, of the Ruto Administration’s  leadership, none of the past Security officers will be alive to tell the tales.  The only safety left,  for those former Security officers, lies on their quick prosecution, which I would recommend should  be heard live in the Kenya Courts of law, to avoid the common corrupt  Kenya Kangaroo judgments, which are often made in the late hours of the nights, with orders from above.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor and Human Rights Activist and

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union.



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