The class war narrative is a very dangerous time bomb


By Alex Walkui

The class war narrative is a very dangerous timed bomb for anarchy and chaos in a third world country like Kenya:

The nduthi guys are calling car owners dynasties.

The tenants are calling landlords dynasties

Mikokoteni and mama mboga are calling the hardware and super market owners dynasties

The low earners in govmnt and those in formal jobs are calling the managers and directors dynasties.

The keg drinkers are calling the bottle drinkers dynasties.

The mitumba seller is calling the new clothes seller a dynasty.

The informal settlement dwellers are calling the middle class dynasties.

The jobless are calling the working class as dynasties.

When the extremists takes over this narrative, just know there’s a guy who will come for your property, no matter how little, he or she sees you as a dynasty. By the time you say yako niya kujitafutia they shall have taken everything.
The Hustler versus Dynasty debate has been hijacked by clueless anarchists with the support of the system to undermine it’s proponents

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