The Diaspora National Assembly Mission Statement


The Diaspora National Assembly, aka DNA, is an organization established in the wake of the BBI debate, in order to articulate issues affecting kenyans in the diaspora and ensuring that their concerns are not footnotes in the raging National debate. Ours is an effort to seek the elusive unity that is lacking within the Kenyan diaspora worldwide.

Through constructive engagement, devoid of name calling and character assassination, we intend to use this platform to champion, promote and highlight diaspora concerns and issues to various departments, embassies and institutions in Kenya and abroad. Through print, social and broadcast media, we will push the diaspora agenda.

Issues debated on this platform will become resolutions that will be forwarded to various departments or institution for actions. The DNA has a cabinet that will focus and Zeroin issues affecting the Diaspora and how to highlight and present them to the national government in Kenya.


DNA aspires to bring about unity of purpose, action and voice among Kenyans of all walks of life in the Diaspora. We hope to succeed where others have failed by ensuring that the welfare of kenyans in the diaspora is at the core of our agenda. We are a nonpartisan group that cycles around the orbit of peace and which practices politics of tolerance.


Kenyan in the Diaspora face a myriad of problems. Some of the major issues include;

  • Renewal of Expired passports,
  • Distance to passport processing center,
  • The need for Diaspora voting
  • Dual citizenship interpretation among others.


While we understand that the challenge to unite the diaspora is an uphill Task, we have resolved to soldier on and work with those who share and embrace our vision and mission. We contribute immensely to the economy of Kenya through our remittances and therefore, we deserve a seat at the high decision table, and we shall not rest until we ensure that those issues shared by those willing to participate in this cause are heard. To this end, we welcome able men and women with a heart of our generations here and those we left behind to join us and not be bystanders. Your input and partnership on this journey will take us to great heights, as we champion for our rightful place on the table, in discussing what is right for those in the Diaspora and Kenya.

Many countries like India and Israel have a well-structured diaspora that continues to lobby for their country’s interests. Why not us?  For how long shall we be defined by our fragmented diaspora and endless petitions that lead us to the road to nowhere? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? DNA is the vessel that will come with the answer. Our modus operandi may be different, but why should we camouflage? kindly obey the simple rules, seat back and enjoy the debates. Who knows, this assembly could be the training ground for next MPs or Even the President of Kenya. Why is it that we have Bunge la Mwananchi with speakers and other titles in Kenya, but we can’t have a think tank group in the Diaspora and call it DNA, with titles we saw befitting those who serve in those roles? Who elects Bunge la Mwananchi officials other than themselves? By the way, do you know Bunge la Mwananchi has produced many current MPs? 

Those who started the vision got the titles as stated after the DNA was started and their early earnest commitment noted, however we believe in democracy and as the organization morph, we shall hold a delegates National Conventions where all will have a chance to vote their leaders respectively.

We now speak for the Diaspora as DNA and due to the vast size of Diaspora any other group with similar agenda or even better are not restricted from forming their group and if its not the case, they are welcome to join this moving ship or hold their peace forever.

We however foresee opposition as usual but it’s of no consequence as we live in a democratic society where freedom of Assembly and association is guaranteed in the constitution and as put, anyone is at liberty to start his or her own organization.

DNA is unstoppable as members who started the vision are focused and adhering to the rule of law both in the Diaspora where they live and in Kenya.

DNA will spread all over the world and currently we have opened Assemblies in Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Those assemblies will initially be assisted by the USA DNA originators to fully become autonomous and thereafter, carry on the vision of uniting the Diaspora as partners who hold same ideals and aspirations.

The DNA has a cabinet and a Task force that works behind the scenes to ensure that issues discussed on the platform are captured in the reports we send to the media or to Kenya. Welcome aboard and let’s make Kenya Great. The Future of Kenya Depends on you and me,so let us shape it.

We fail because we do not try!





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