The Diaspora Times Now Received Globally Through Business Media Connections.


Just barely two months old, after releasing it’s first edition, the Diaspora Times is now reaching to over 2.5 million subscribers via over 400 internet business media connections.

The focus is mainly Africa to enable businessmen and all literate citizens worldwide to interact with those in the Diaspora every Saturday and share interests ranging from laughing, politics, to even selling properties at fair advertising rates.

The Diaspora will also soon start advertising at subsided rates through classified adds that will originate mainly from Diaspora but still accept from Kenya. All obituaries from Diaspora are free by emailing

The paper is only e-paper format and have been linked with a major newspaper in Kenya, The Mt Kenya Times which was the initial major e-paper that was started 5 years ago by two enterprising directors.

The link for the paper is also embedded on whatsapp major group with a single click to reach 255 whatsapp users and within a minute we are able to reach 2,555 people.

The sharing factor is the crucial thing as it gets a multiplying rate of 100 times spreading the news to over 2,500,000 within 5 minutes.

We also have the facebook links that reach over 100,000 people not forgetting the Diaspora National assembly website with over 60,000 subscribers.

We urge all to share after receiving, to make it the only Diaspora paper to reach over 4 million people in the entire Diaspora so that when there is an announcement, all will receive promptly.

As we continue becoming a force in the 4th Estate, remember to tell others, WE ARE THE DIASPORA VOICE.


Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi


Global Diaspora Congress

contact 4049668550, 6786507458 fax 7706358097


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