Many were shocked by Uhuru’s outburst during the recent Akorino prayer meeting session but if you look at it closely from a political science 220 angle, it’s a clear statement that the two leaders have fallen out on their political ideologies and agendas.

President Uhuru was outright addressing his Deputy William Ruto via the Tanga Tanga team who many would term as political opportunists, pecuniary chorus cohorts with no agenda. Their vision is simply individualistic, shallow and short term as compared to his that is broad minded and beyond year 2050.

The game changed on March 2018 when Uhuru shook hands with Raila and put aside hogwash kind of democracy after transforming and realizing that Democracy is not about deals, but rather how to focus not in the immediate future, but to long term future for all Kenyans.

Ruto on the other hand was all geared to 2022 election and joining the Machiavelli way of thinking “Capture ye the political kingdom and the rest will be given unto you” by mobilizing on a short term program through manipulation, deceiving and exploiting the masses.

That is where the two visions completely clashed and during that  Mukurino prayer day, Uhuru  indirectly told Ruto that his vision was not focused on 2022 BUT beyond year 2050.

There you go,… a fall out between diversity of visions where Uhuru after the handshake, stuck to his believe to the effect that unity of Kenyans is paramount to bind all towards a common destiny of living in unity and his vision of building bridges was thus born.

A common destiny where all Kenyans can work and do business anywhere they feel like in Kenya, without intimidation and fear of your neighbor wanting to grab what you acquired and labored for so long.

A common destiny where every tribe has representation in Government and those to lead the country not necessarily come from the three major tribes but from across the political divide…… That is the true genius.

The hard hitting speech is reminiscent of the Julius Ceasor act but this time both leaders have crossed the rubicon Kenya just like Rome is not safe as uncertainty and tension and even hatred has started building as 2022 nears.

Uhuru has drawn his dagger and if he has to leave a legacy like he is swearing, then he has to show all that he is made out of a more stunner stuff as Ruto too is no pushover.

Ruto now has three options, one, to either resign and start laying 2022 strategy two,.. remain a radical and fight it out as if he is in the opposition and lastly… to tow the line and only wish “thy kingdom come”.

2022 will be based on who can mobilize and get the two main tribes Kikuyus and Kalenjins voting as a block. Its that simple tyranny of numbers once again.

If Ruto cannot get 70% of the Kikuyu votes, he will not make it as all the other small tribes can form a powerful alliance and a yet to be identified candidate can easily win.

Team Tanga Tanga may be  after all Rutos downfall as they are targeting on only one tribe across the political divide which is shallow and suicidal as Kikuyus have no love lost for Kalenjins after the many horrific experiences they have encountered in the rift valley. The love of Kalenjins voting for Uhuru can be downplayed at the last minute as new political slogans like “hakuna deni” come into effect.

As one political scientist once said, Kenya needs a Thomas Sankara kind of personality, who will come with a gospel of making Kenyans to forget that they have a country called “Kenya” and just like Sankara did, by coming up with the name to Bukina Faso to do away with the past, Kenya name and even Nairobi may need to be changed entirely to start afresh.

Uhuru has made it clear that he want to leave a legacy and if he means business, it is clear that he want to bring all the other tribes on board and build the country on formidable alliances so that the Kikuyu Kalenjin hostility can be dealt with once and for all.




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