The Fallacy Of 42 Leaders Trying To Negotiate Developments For Mt. Kenya Region With William Ruto.


Jean Kamau for The Diaspora Times

Some statements coming from leaders in Mt Kenya area, are shocking and unbelievable to say the least and a clear indication that they really don’t know what is contained in BBI.

They are planning as a top priority, to negotiate economic development on behalf of Mt Kenya people with Deputy President forgetting the fact that- he was against the one man one shilling, one man one vote, allocation formula that in a way if passed is favoring the same region.

It shows lack of direction and realizing too late that they were following and popularizing the Deputy President, without thinking first what his regime will offer Kenyans more than the wheelbarrows legacy of the hustler Nation.

The most important thing they would have asked themselves first, is whether Mount Kenya people, are really hustlers or just hard working Kenyans that only want the Government to provide them with good infrastructure to carry out their businesses.

The people  of the region are more interested in better roads, affordable good health care programs, affordable schools, technical institutions, closed markets, more than the wheelbarrows and mkokoteni offers.

They are missing the point of William Ruto who is promising to form a Government of hustlers who will be like he put it-at the sharing table.Those now arranging to meet the Deputy are not hustlers and therefore, will not be needed by him in his Government that he has clearly spelt (sic) out.

All the issues Hon Rigathi Gachagua mentioned are contained in BBI and that is the initiative he would have concentrated on- more than running around during COVID-19 to popularize the Deputy President.

The deputy President socialist utopia bottoms up approach, is simply a bad experiment in an economy on it’s knees and the most important agendas the country needs now, is to continue strengthening institutions that can eventually solve the unemployment problems.

Without praising any individuals in Government, it is evident that all the initiatives President Uhuru’s Government  is trying to accomplish, are the best priorities needed in the country and anybody derailing and not supporting his initiatives and the subsequent legacy, is the enemy of the people.

The 42 brothers going for negotiations, should rethink and be aware that a bride don’t go looking for the bridegroom. (as in this case Mt Kenya is the bride due to the many voters and all their development concerns and even leadership is contained in BBI).

If only the people of Mt Kenya can reason and see who among all the fronted leaders, can advance the interest of the region, then they will be wise as the same people promising a better life to the people of Mount Kenya, have not embarked on a crucial humanitarian initiative of settling those many desperate Kenyans who are already displaced in Rift Valley.

We have leaders on top of trees but cannot see far while those seated on stools and can see far, are silent and it’s now time for them to speak up and guide some ignorant people of Mount Kenya.

Let us not be blind but rather be guided by reasons while committing to support leaders who have no interest of all in the country. It is not only Mount Kenya only, as we need leaders with broad based agendas that are not tribal, but those that will target all Kenyans and therefore, the short sighted leaders, should open their eyes before they completely go blind and lead Kenyans to a path of doom and despair.

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