By Isaac Newton Kiniti

It is very sad to NAKURU residents following the lay off of 600 employees who worked at the Governor’s office. During the campaigns  in Kenya for the August 9, 2022 elections, a lot of hope was build in the minds of many Kenyans. Not only were the unemployed youth hopeful of change into their lives following the promises made by the Presidential aspirants, but also by those employed, had high hopes of retaining their jobs. NAKURU,  which is the  town city of the Rift Valley, where most voters from the Kenya Kwanza coalition came, rejoiced after William Ruto won Presidency.

William Ruto had not only promised lowering  the prizes of essential commodities, but he had also promised stability in the Nation, which included the stability of those employed, and the creation of more jobs for the unemployed youth. Unemployment is part of instability in a nation. It is therefore sad to see the office of Governor Susan Kihika  of the NAKURU county, laying off employees in her office, instead of creating more jobs in the county, for the unemployed youth in town.  There has been a trend of the new Administration actions, in reversing most of what  was initiated by the former Uhuru regime. It will sound very odd and very ridiculous, if possibly the intentions of the Nakuru County office,  were to  lay off  Azimio supporters and then replace them with those identified as Kwanza supporters during the campaigns, as a pay back, because that would be the worst kind of corruption ever to be witnessed. Punishing those who worked with Lee Kinyanjui, is not in any way different from the attacks and the killings of women, infants, and children in the name of rigged elections.

Nevertheless, the County office should pay the 600 employees already  laid off, all their retirement benefits which should include all their National Security fund and their cumulated vacation days, so that they may be able to start a new life. The labor movement in Kenya should be watchful to ensure that the NAKURU County office- does not send off the employees without their rightful dues. All the over 600 employees who have been dismissed from their jobs, should be paid all their dues.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor and Human Rights Activist.

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union.

Connecticut, USA.


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