After Kenyans were promised the lowering of the prizes for the essential commodities and the provision of jobs during the 2022 election campaigns, not many of them expected what is happening today. The youth, the elderly, the workers and the employers were very optimistic and hopeful of a better Kenya. Corruption which had been a nightmare to Kenyans for decades, seemed to disappear from their minds due to the tone and the promises provided to them by the leaders who campaigned vigorously for the top seat.

The hopes of Kenyans started to dwindle soon after the election was over and after a new administration was sworn in. Soon after being sworn in, the Ruto administration publicly complained of an empty treasury, a statement that was quickly refuted by the CBK, which publicly  explained to Kenyans the status of the economy at the time and how the money received at the CBK was immediately distributed to counties soon after it was received.

The CBK explained to Kenyans that the revenue left behind by the previous regime was enough to run the country for four consecutive months, meaning that with the additional taxes and levies collected every month, there was no need of panic.  Surprisingly, after a few months of the Ruto administration in Kenya, there was an outcry of the loss of Kshs 1.2 billion earmarked for bursary fund as published in the Daily Nation media newspaper dated January 27, 2023. 

In Kenya, there are various ways, means, and methods used in the  looting of public funds. Money is looted through faked projects, through faked purchases of materials, through exaggerated prizes of the items purchased, through faking travel, through looting grants, through planning unnecessary trips, through faked allowances, through faked expenses during travel,  and through faked trips locally and abroad.

It has always been extremely difficult to detect how much is looted through these methods of looting public funds in Kenya because all the looted public funds are always supported with faked documents which authentically look official because they bear designated official signatures.  The impunity that surrounds corruption in Kenya today allows for the easy theft of public funds. One good example is the number of the trips that have been made by the leaders of the Kenya Kwanza government.

The President has made about 27 trips abroad in the last 9 months, raising many questions as to what  benefits Kenyans have received from all those trips so far. In those few months of the Kenya Kwanza government, the president has traveled abroad two times in six nations, namely United Kingdom, USA, Ethiopia, Uganda, France and Burundi. Billions of Kenya shillings have been wasted in those trips.

The President has refused to heed to the advise from the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers David Ndii who on April 11, 2023 went public through the People Daily Kenya news media to inform Kenyans and I quote, “Government is extremely wasteful, there is not a single day that I am not exasperated by not just how wasteful it is but by how deliberate it is and how unbothered people are. It is true we have a very profligate government”.  

In order to sanctify their extravagance, those in authority have been hoodwinking Kenyans with what has become a slogan, that  former president Uhuru Kenyatta created an economic mess in Kenya which disables them from doing anything tangible to uplift the economy.

On May 24, 2023 the Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi, an economist, was quoted in the Standard Media newspaper, warning Kenyans and I quote “Brace yourselves for 3 tough years”.  He asked Kenyans to tighten their belts for a three-year economic turmoil. 

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor & Human Rights Activist

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union.

Connecticut, USA.


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