The conduct of the DPP in Kenya will likely destroy the fragile Democracy in Kenya. In recent weeks, extraordinary happenings have been witnessed at the office of the DPP,  evidence of which has been indicative of approval of corruption in Kenya and the strengthening of impunity.   Less than one month ago, the DPP withdrew 8 cases, which had been brought to the Kenyan courts by the previous Uhuru Administration.  Those cases were related to the looting of public funds and murders in Kenya.

The main reasons behind the withdrawal of those cases were the relationships that existed between  President William Ruto and the individual  Kenyans, who were accused of looting billions of Kenyan shillings from public coffers.  At that same time, those perceived to have been behind the arrest and hence the prosecution of those looters of public funds during the previous regime, harassed, intimidated, and threatened with arrests, over unexplained allegations, which have not been brought to the attention of the Kenyan public.

Over 3 decades, a number of patriotic Kenyans have suffered a lot in their war against corruption in Kenya. While a number of those patriotic Kenyans have been killed for fighting corruption,  others like Koigi wa Wamwere who suffered more than 13 years in detention without trial for fighting corruption, and placed second to the late Nelson Mandela of South Africa in terms of fighting injustices, continue to heal the wounds inflicted on him up to this day.  But right now, it is unfortunate that we are witnessing other Kenyans,  who are out trying their best, to destroy the efforts to end corruption in Kenya.

Whether the DPP is working on instructions from above or he is working alone, he should not be allowed to mess with Kenya. The Kenya Parliament should debate the sinister motives behind DPP Noordin Hajii recent suspicious activities, then stop him and hence prosecute him, or else Kenya will follow the same path, the five African Nations went through, during the last  18 months.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor and Human Rights Activist.

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union.

Connecticut, USA.


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