The violation of an existing constitution, the abuse of existing laws, the bending of the laws,  one-man show in leadership, and the bye-passing of the laid down procedures and regulations, all amount to the making of Dictatorship in a Nation.  A new Prime CS position, with completely new duties, which are conflicting with the duties of the DP on a daily basis, was imposed in Kenya by the President, without following the laid down procedures of forming  such new positions in Kenya.  The release of the eight suspected looters of billions of Kenya shillings from the public funds and a suspect of murder, without a hearing in the courts of law in Kenya, are all the making of Dictatorship in Kenya.  

Dictators are never made overnight, but they are slowly and gradually made in a very tactful manner, avoiding early outburst, which would disrupt and preempt the scheme. But once  a Dictator has been made and has become strong enough, the chances of criticizing and challenging the atrocities committed, leave alone removing the dictator, becomes extremely slim, very rigorous and very dangerous. Just recently there was what in proverbs is referred to as “the testing of the waters“, when very close friends of President Ruto, raised the issue of scrapping the two-term limit of Presidency in Kenya. Those who publicly raised the notion, are individual Kenyans who are very close to President Ruto, and who most likely meet with the President on daily basis. Farouk Kibet, the first one to raise the matter, is a very close Allie of President Ruto, and one of the chief advisers of the President. The possibility that he and others had not discussed the scrapping of the two-term limit with President Ruto before they went public, are very slim and impossible to believe. Which meant that, the tested waters became too deep, forcing a retreat, to pave way for enough time, to seek for shallow waters along the river, through which to pass that same notion.

The scheme to ax and hence to dismiss the 4 IEBC commissioners, who  differed with the chairman of the IEBC during the elections, is also not only unconstitutional and a direct abuse of the laws of Kenya, but a shameful action in the direction of the making of Dictatorship in Kenya.  This is none other, than another way and means of testing the waters. If the axing and hence the dismissal of the four commissioners, who challenged their chairman succeeds, what will prevent any Kenya who challenges the President of Kenya, from being  axed from job, and/or from being jailed in future?  

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor and Human Rights Activist &

Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union

Connecticut, USA.


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