The Other Side Of Midnight For Miguna Miguna


While we sympathize with Mr. Miguna Miguna’s  predicament, we must say that some drama are self made as in the first place, he should not have bought an air ticket before getting a clearance to travel.

Most of us here in America have American passports and we still have Kenyan ID’s and the regular passports showing 2022 expiration, but we cannot use them due to the fact that we already renounced our Kenyan Citizenship.

We have to either declare or regain to become dual citizens as stipulated in the 2010 constitution of Kenya and our passports are not valid anymore even if not expired.

All are bound by the 2010 constitution of Kenya and Miguna Miguna is no exception and have to abide by the existing international travel rules.

The court has clearly given orders to the Government to facilitate his travel but the same should not mean to contravene the rules of international travel as Kenya stands to face airport degrading action for not adhering to strict travel rules.

Chest thumping and not listening to advise will further cause more problem to him and the best advice is for him is to get clearance by pleading with the Government to remove the red alert and use his Canadian passport.

It’s obvious he is a risk as many can recall how unruly he became on the day he was to board the Dubai flight  by repeatedly banging the pilot cabin.

This is a dangerous traveler who may in future have to use a ship to travel as no one would want to seat next to him on a flight.

It’s a simple issue that has been so complicated and he should immediately return to Canada and apply for the new epassport like all in the Diaspora.

The Government should also give conditions to all his future travel by ensuring that he attends a mandatory anger management classes and once he satisfy the conditions, alert the Government who will assign a policeman to travel with him just in case his anger recurs.

Many have tweeted to Miguna but it’s all a waste of time as those will not help for he is still determined to use an ID which is not acceptable.

Raila too has given him an advice to go back to Canada and sort things out with the Kenyan mission in Canada or in Washington DC like all in the Diaspora.

We do hope that all will end well for this father whose family is in Canada.

He should also listen to the advice of this young man and all his problems will be solved.







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