The Plight of The Girl Child and The Boy Child:


In reality, both are of great value. They are our children.

However, in consideration of School girls. COVID-19 lockdown, we have a Crisis. As protocol usually prevention is for both girl Child and boy child. In the same attitude, intervention is put in place where it is needed most. In this case we ask ourselves:

1. When is it needed and what is the time frame? 2. Where is it needed-in specific counties; or in the 47 Counties.

3. Who needs it most? Primary and High School Girls.

Who is responsible for this intervention? It should be National, and country Governments, as well as parents – entire communities.

Education of Girls

After Kenya’s independence the Motto was natujenge taifa Letu. Every individual was needed. Therefore education for both boys and girls was highly emphasized.

Recall that to the British Government, Kenyans were, meant for labor, so they didn’t emphasize, mass, education. To this day British approach to education is stratification. Meaning it is not open to everyone. Only the rich families were able to educated both girls, and boys, with the education of boys being more valuable than that of girls.

Beloved Kenyans when  4000 (Reference Machakos County report) Elementary and High School girls (Ages 10 to 16 years) get pregnant, it is a crisis of the highest magnitude.

First the situation need to be stabilize-Think what we are going to do with 4000 Pregnant children. Who will as we chat, give birth to 4000 babies. And in case most of the pregnancies are by peers, then we are looking at a huge problem.

The girl Child needed to be rescued in March/Before schools closed.

However, in the near future it is crucial that we have a comprehensive sex Education.

We cannot wait for there to be sex without accountability & responsibility.

We either make the boys pay up or have their parents do so by supporting the babies once they are born.

Reasonably so, and, wishing, to error on the side of existing statistics; am holding the extreme view because most of the pregnancies

are 95-98% the result of adult males Sexually Defiling,  Abusing, Molesting and Raping school girls. Thus unintentionally or intentionally destroying a Child’s life permanently. The impact of pregnancy in a girls, life has long term negative impact, so the girls have more to loose. So by putting intervention where it is most needed.

Why does a girl have more to loose by being pregnant?  they ruins her chances of completing her education or forever getting married. Essentially when we don’t care for the girl child, we enable increased single, parenting. Single headed households and feminization of poverty is the next national issue.

Fact is sociologically, few men even in this forum married the girls they slept with oviyo oviyo. The ones defiled…or the ones that have other men’s children. It is a long hard road, and worse if the girl is from an already poverty stricken family.

Imagine having to buy diapers for a girl Child; just when our primary focus was sanitary pads. A Girl who cannot afford to buy sanitary pads (supposed to be given in Schools by the government) now we will need to fund raise for Diapers as well.

Either we are asleep or in great denial. I want to believe we are in shock and denial. If we are turning a deaf ear and a blind eye, and have silenced voices. The babies will wake all of us up when 8000 of the children cry. Add any peers and you have over 10,000 cries as the boys who father children out of wedlock are also negatively impacted. If we can hear the cry of 4000 now & may be sleep a few nights of 8000 cared for children.

By the way, watch out for repeat pregnancies, now that the candy shop padlock has been broken by thieves who have stolen the innocence of the girl and the boy child.

 Rev Wambui Njoroge Msci

Senior Editor Kenyan Parents In USA

CS Education Diaspora National assembly for 254

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