The President


By Nelson Mwangi- Alabama, USA

The interpretation of the word president is simple; the father of a nation. As simple as the interpretation can be, it requires a lot of integrity, humility and wisdom as well as an immense demand for sacrifice and responsibility. 

When a father abrogates his primary responsibility of providing the basic necessities namely; food, shelter and clothing plus ensuring that good health and education is taken care of, he is automatically rendered futile and his fatherhood title becomes irrelevant. 

As fate would have it, in my motherland, the word president is just but a mere title of superiority complex and a manifestation of unmerited eminence and accolade no wonder the application of the words ‘HIS EXCELLENCY‘ in every introduction of his identity. 

It’s extremely unfortunate that; for a very long time, most people have always believed in the decades old misconception that have always referred politicians as leaders.

The truth of the matter is; not every politician is a leader and not every leader is a politician. Leadership begets politics but politics can never beget leadership. 

It’sonly in Kenya where a politician becomes a leader automatically after assuming office without receiving any training and that’s why the evidence of failed leadership is explicitly indisputable.

It’s only in Kenya where a presidential campaign of the next general election begins immediately after the inauguration of the sitting president. That’s because; politics is a career but leadership is a passionate call to serve humanity. 

True leadership is servanthood that puts the interests of others at the center of your decisions. A servant-leader serves others so others are free to serve others. ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a true leader.’ John Quincy Adams. 

While the danger of authority is the tendency to expect more from others than you expect from yourself, your empathy and compassion instills confidence and courage in others. 

The greatest allegiance that articulates authentic call to serve humanity is the spirit of UBUNTU. (I am because we are)

Posted by Moral Compass by Nelson Mwangi at 5:57 PM 

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