The Recent Events In Kenya Clearly Indicates That History Is Repeating Itself.


By George Biruri

The recent events clearly indicate that history is repeating itself.

In the early 1980’s key leaders from Mt. Kenya were used to push Kenya to the darkest era since independence. The then Attorney General Sir Charles Njonjo introduced a motion in Parliament to amend the Constitution and make Kenya a de jure one party state. He was vigorously supported by the then Vice Presentation Mwai Kibaki. Little did they realise that the ogre they had helped sire would one day devour them.

Kenyans fought very hard to reintroduce multipartism and adopt a new liberal constitution. Many people made sacrifices and others paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The current events indicate that the current regime has engaged the reversal gear. The gains that Kenyans had sacrificed for are being clawed back rapidly.

Whereas Kenyans fought for reintroduction and entrenchment of Multipartism in the Constitution, the current regime has worked hard to undermine Political Parties. Leaders of political parties are bought and those who do not agree are harassed and frustrated. In Parliament, the members of parliament are induced to ” cross the floor” and vote noisily in support of the regime bills and agendas.

Whereas Kenyans fought for inclusive engagement and development, and even declared it in the preamble of the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights, Finance and Public Service and Devolution; some top leaders of current regime publicly and unashamedly declared that “Kenya is a company and only shareholders will benefit!”We are back to era of ethnic and regional discrimination, neglect and marginalisation !

Whereas Kenyans fought for inclusion of civil liberties, rights and freedoms in our constitution, the current regime has violated them without regret. I have just seen that another MP from Mt Kenya is introducing a bill aimed at curtailing freedom of Assembly, picketing and petitioning public authorities.

It might seem exigent for our leaders to cheer and support such reversals but I caution them that a time will come when the same ogre they are siring and nurturing will devour them and there will be no recourse! That date is not very far it might come before 2027, or after, but surely it will come.

Waswahili walisema: ” ukichimba shimo, huingia waliokuwemo na wasiokuwemo!’

George is a political analyst based in Kenya and a regular contributor to The Diaspora Times newspaper.


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