William Ruto Talking To Diaspora( Note the size of his portrait compared to That of President Kenyatta)  


Unlike South Korea, Kenya is just too far from the corridors of  the Status of a Developed Nation or a developing Nation Status. Instead it is staggering backwards.  For decades, the Kenyan people have been totally incompetent into electing upright individuals to lead the Nation into prosperity, and instead, they have always been electing Kenyans with questionable conduct to lead them, dismissing, disowning and even insulting and abusing Kenyans of high integrity who would lead Kenya into great heights of prosperity and wealth.

As the 2022 elections draw nearer day by day,  the choice of the Deputy President William Ruto as the next President after President Uhuru Kenyatta, gains strength day by day. But going back to the history of the Deputy President, one wonders what is in the minds of Kenyans. The Deputy President is surrounded by the most number of corruption scandals in Kenya today. He is a  suspect in a number of mysterious murders in Kenya.  He is associated with many corruption scandals such as, the maize scandal, the Weston hotel, the KPC Ngong Forest land, the Post election violence Victim land, Joseph Murumbi 900 acre land, the Nairobi school land, the Jacob Juma death and many others.

The deputy President had been in charge of Projects in Kenya from 2013 to 2019. All the money borrowed from abroad for the intended purposes of erected projects in Kenya was manned by the Deputy President Ruto for seven good years.  All the money from taxes intended for projects in Kenya in the seven years from 2013 to 2019 was managed and handled by the Deputy President Williuam Ruto. From 2019 to this day the money for projects in Kenya is manned and managed by Fred Matiangi who was handed over the docket by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2019.

That means, most of the  loans that were received by Kenya between 2013 and 2019 were manned and managed by the deputy President, whereas most of the loans received by Kenya between 2019 up to this day, are being  manned and managed by Fred Matiangi.  

In a resent interview, the Deputy President said that he supported the first BBI and not the second BBI. And in that same interview he said he does not support the BBI because it does not address the plight of the youth. As a Deputy President, was he not obliged to advice for  the inclusion of the youth matters before supporting the first faulty BBI which did not address the issues of the youth?.  Was it not hypocrisy on his part to allow and to support the first BBI without addressing the youth problems, and thereafter blame it? 

There is no way  Ruto would be exonerated from the mess in Kenya for the last 9 years, leave alone his questionable past. Kenyans should borrow a leaf from Singapore and from South Korea. 

There is no justification whatsoever for Kenyans to elect Deputy President William Ruto as President of Kenya in 2022, if Kenyans need positive change and development. He has too much baggage which with time, will be extremely heavy for Kenyans to carry.

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity.


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