The Hustler’s Journey To Statehouse Now Seems Like A Bridge Too Far.


By David Ochien’g- Nairobi correspondent For Diaspora Times

Due to too many lies and empty promises full of doublespeak, William Ruto and his UDA brigades NOW have nightmares with only a few days to go, and Raila’s win is now inevitable.

The coalition of UDA and ANC, together with ford Kenya, complicated the deceiving strategy that William Ruto wanted to use to make the UDA party the only one representing all other smaller political parties.

The intrigues started escalating when Alfred Mutua of Maendelo chap chap and Amos Kingi joined the overpopulated confused party comprising of people with pending cases and opportunists who are only interested in seats more than representing Kenyans.

Mudavadi’s enormous task to deliver 70 percent of Western votes and Mutua’s 35 % of Eastern votes, is a mission impossible, and their political future is now in limbo. They have dug their own grave since it is an impossible task that will not bear any fruits given Raila’s strategy to get the majority of votes from those regions.

The fall of William Ruto is coming as we get closer to the general election, and Hon Raila Amolo Odinga has overtaken the man who has been campaigning for four years while dishing out a lot of money whose source is doubtful.

This election year in Kenya will be an eye-opener and a reminder to those who thought leading a country was as easy as being promised support in the streets. “Yangu kumi na yako kumi” was a joke taken too far and William Ruto believed in it.

The Master of Political foolery and conmanship uses deception to hide the truth, thinking it will make people believe something different will happen in Kenya. Many reasons drive someone to deceive others. It could be that they want something so badly that they are willing to do anything to achieve it, often thinking that lying will make it easier to achieve their goals which is the wrong way to do things.

However, Kenyans are enlightened and will vote for the leader promising hope, promising to fight corruption menace, and not the one dishing handouts to deceive the masses. Like President, Uhuru said at Sagana during the BBI meeting, power will not be handed over to someone who can transfer Mt Kenya to himself.

A political storm is already in Mountain Kenya region, and the hustler song is fast fading away. Leadership in Kenya is not inherited but given to the one with a track record and well-documented manifesto outlining what one intends to achieve.  

William Ruto has nothing to show, and his bottom-up agenda is suspect and only understood by a few. Kenya will continue with the four pillars development plan, and the man who understands and is willing to continue with Uhuru’s legacy is Raila Amolo Odinga.

Let all Kenyans embrace hope, and soon after Raila is sworn as President, all must shake hands while having high hopes of Developing Kenya to attain the greatest heights possible.

Yes, it’s ONLY possible with Azimio.


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