The entire world should be extremely concerned now about this latest warning by President Vladimir Putni of Russia. Putni may be so scared of his people and most likely he has chosen to die with all Russians instead of dying alone. Russia is in a very chaotic situation. the living conditions are hurting badly. His army is in jeopardy after being killed in great numbers every day, and the sanctions are hurting Russia badly too.

Russians are no longer happy with their President, and many are fleeing their nation daily. The entire world is not satisfied with Putin. All these have come to his understanding, and he is now distraught of his life. He thinks he will die with his fellow Russians when he starts a nuclear war.

He understands very well that once he starts a nuclear war, Russia will lose badly because all the countries he intends to attack also have nuclear weapons. He understands clearly that Russia may never be a nation anymore after he starts a nuclear war, but he does not care at all anyway.

He feels he will lose nothing because he has lost the meaning of life as Hitler did after starting a senseless war which he has continued to lose daily.  Putin is at the Jim Jones final stage of the massacre plans in Guyana on November 18, 1978.


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