The Sinking economy of Kenya will not be saved through prayers but well-defined economic policies.


Change can be scary. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a small change or a big one — doing something totally different than you’re used to is terrifying.

President William Ruto’s well-memorized street manifesto promises to end poverty in a country with over 10 million poor people- is now turning out to be the most hilarious hocus-pocus fiction campaign literature ever written.

This time it’s not Hitler, with his imagination of the Third Reich when Jews were singled out for attack from the first day of Hitler’s chancellorship-but a man that rose from rags to riches (doubtful) and is now settled at the house on the hill definitely on a similar revenge mission. William Ruto recited the impossible to look possible due to his oratorical gift- that was good enough to convince the poor that a savior was hell-bent on including them at the decision-making table. It is now eventually turning out to be a strange story of the medieval age told to computer-age children who were almost convinced that a wheelbarrow could eradicate poverty.

The street imagination fiction gospel during campaigns sounded like a page-turner to many desperate poor Kenyans who believed that a savior had finally come. However, conscious and reflective minds knew that wheelbarrows could not be an effective tool to rely on to eradicate poverty- and went ahead to support Azimio la Umoja coalition.

The Tanga Tanga brigade- adapted campaign slogans, such as “Kazi ni Kazi” and “hatupagwigwi”- that are now meaningless and not likely to be revived in the near future. Many Politicians are only interested in their welfare while attacking their predecessors rather than getting down to deliver their promises. The typical promises of cutting down taxes, a health plan for all, and increasing production- are not featured much today, but only the usual politicians daily fake promises while giving handouts to weak politicians. The sweet lies that convinced the poor that a bright future was on the way is today a figment of imagination and thus making many to lose hope of ever enjoying a good life.

Kenyans are tired of politicians promising what they will do to revive the economy, but after the General elections, it’s like they were in a theatre, and the day of swearing in, is when the curtains closed. The same politician will rarely appear again at the places they would promise the poor, and the manufactured empty lies, are kept on hold for another five years while wananchi continues to suffer. A vicious cycle without end, as nothing significant will be done to improve the lives of poor Kenyans who are now told to seek divine intervention.

There must be genuine leaders shielded so that they don’t speak on behalf of the oppressed but are somehow impotent to change the status quo.

Kenyans should not entertain Politics of deceit for too long and must now save their Nation by voicing their concerns like Hon Raila, and other committed politicians are currently doing. The Government must embrace dialogue and come to terms with those demonstrating to end the stalemate.

The intimidation going on at the home of former interior CS is scary, to say the least, as it shows a government hell bent on a revenge mission while at the same time not obeying court orders since Matangi had one to restrain them.

The regime is clearly turning Kenya into a one-party dictatorship by weakening the opposition so that draconian laws can be passed to silence those voicing their concerns.

The promise William Ruto swore during the swearing in ceremony to safeguard the constitution is clearly not the case as he has vowed to deal with those opposing him. He is doing so while supported by some fake clergymen who are organizing meaningless prayers countrywide. The economy of Kenya however will not be saved through prayers- but well-defined economic policy that will ensure the resources of the country are shared and distributed equitably.

We fail because we do not try!

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

The writer is the Global President of the Diaspora National Assembly and President of Kenyan Parents in the USA.


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