The Supplier who exchanged His Trade with an Invaluable Amani Ridge Property _One on One with William Murage


After a solid 20 years of living and working in Europe, William Murage woke up one day and decided to get back to Jamhuri. He wanted to be part of nation building, and he headed straight into construction materials supplies. Then one day, he paid a visit to Amani Ridge the Place of Peace.

Here is an excerpt interview with Murage and the idea that he brought into this project:

*Q. Kindly introduce yourself and what you do*
A. My name is William Murage. I was introduced to Amani Ridge the Place of Peace by one of the Optiven Group’s property advisers.

*Q. What inspired you about Amani Ridge the place of Peace*
A. I was amazed by the size of the plots and the size of internal roads at this project. It must be said that the 40 feet wide  roads in terms of width  was very attractive for me. The panoramic view and ridges were such breathtaking for me too, the clean atmosphere here makes the place extremely habitable for families.

Again, the locality is set away from the noisy hustle and bustle of the city. In addition the architecture designs are available. Watch more here:

*Q. What inspired you to approach Optiven with the idea of supplying materials in exchange of a piece of property at Amani Ridge?*
A. The idea of property exchange, in other word, barter trade, first struck me when I was engaging in a conversation with a close friend. I was already in the transport industry supplying construction materials to individuals and other organizations, I was also thirsty for ownership of a piece of property in this project. Without wasting time I proposed to meet Optiven’s Engineers and directors and they bought it. That’s how it came about.

*Q. You have proved to be an honest supplier of construction materials, what inspires you and how has your professionalism plugged into Amani Ridge the place of Peace project?*
A. The main reason I decided to be a supplier in this complicated construction sector was to streamline the supply sector. I am happy to say that we are rated among the best supplier’s in Nairobi Metropolis.

With high standards of professionalism at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace, I found a partner with no room for short cuts and poor quality. Today I use Amani Ridge as my point of reference. I take potential clients there to see the quality of my supplies and prove to them how it is possible to supply high quality and the right quantity of quarry products without a single dot of compromise.

*Q. What is your advice to people who want to invest in Amani Ridge the place of Peace?*
A. To anyone who wants to invest in Amani Ridge, I can assure you that this project’s developer, Optiven, keeps their word. The Main gate is already done, the perimeter fence is ongoing and the interior roads will be done. Watch an interview with Amani Ridge Architect:

Amani Ridge is the place to call home. Just pay a visit to this project, and it will cost you nothing to do so; I can assure you that you will be enchanted by its fantastic landscape and ever green environment.

Finally, I have millions of reasons to believe that Amani Ridge is the best place to invest, especially for Kenyans in Diaspora. Here, there is no worries or any fear of losing your money or coming home to substandard works. For more information, get in touch with me: Tel: 0717199783

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