The Untold Story Of Isaac Newton Kinity and His struggle For A Better Kenya.


By Linet Mumbi

Africa Correspondent- The Diaspora Times.

People go through many struggles while improving the lives of others who may not be aware, and a Kenyan by the name of Isaac Newton Kinity, currently living in the United States Of America, is such.

During the reign of Dictator Moi, the former Secretary General of the Giant Kenya Civil Servant Union was much sought like a criminal but, by the grace of God as he put it, eventually managed to escape to America.

During the reign of Dictator Moi, Kenyans would be detained without trial while others were dying at the notorious Nyayo house through torcher or suicide.

In a candid interview on Mutembei TV, Isaac gave a lengthy talk on his struggles to escape tyranny and eventually live comfortably in America together with his entire family till this day.

The chilling escape story sounded more like a thriller James Bond movie or James Handley Chase novel as he narrated how together with his son, evaded many dragnets police roadblocks in Nakuru and Malaba.

Isaac has a message to Kenyan voters during this time of the General election in Kenya on how to choose a selfless leader.

He starts by saying “Yangu Kumi and yako kumi” has no place in modern Kenya as the same- was an agreement between two people who should not dictate on the will of the people.

When asked to comment on the two top Presidential hopefuls in Kenya, he described William Ruto as a good human but with no good qualities of a leader.

Kenyans should elect a trustworthy Nationalist willing to liberate Kenya by ensuring that stamping out corruption will be on top of all agendas. He had a lot of praise for Raila Amolo Odinga, whom he regards as a hero, and mentioned his long struggle for the second liberation in Kenya. He also said that Hon Raila and the late Matiba are good examples of true Nationalists.

He further said that William Ruto is a liar with questionable integrity. William Ruto should not be trusted to lead a country experiencing economic hardships due to corruption. Ruto has gone public praising a party UDA with no development record as responsible for the infrastructure carried out by President Uhuru. Other lies he pointed out included the construction of Stadiums and promising the mama mbogas to be part of the next Government which will not be the case.

When asked if he plans to return to Kenya and consider vying for an elective post, Isaac said he has no such plans but will continue through social media educating Kenyans on their rights while advising them on how to vote for selfless leaders.

Isaac Newton Kinity is a regular contributor at the Diaspora Times and Diaspora Messenger, among other Diaspora news outlets.


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