Having travelled throughout various states of Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and Georgia in the USA in the last three weeks, I have had the opportunity to reflect and meditate on the challenging state of affairs in our motherland Africa. I have realized that for Africa to transform its economies and transcend the performance posted by our post colonial leaders, there is need for a critical paradigm shift along political and social-economic lines.

Africa is largely prioritizing international partnerships that are more exploitative than the earlier feared IMF and World Bank.
In one of my engagements, I had a chance to discuss with a certain Engineer in New York who was shocked to learn that China has colossal sums of money which they are dangling to African leaders who in turn are willing to Mortgage their countries for short term political expediency. This to me is a wake up call.

When I told my Engineer friend that Africa would do well borrowing from the western economies, he assured me that while the western economies are less exploitative than China, he assured me that no one will work for Africa’s interests without needing something in return.
He was un equivocal in his support for President Trump, and I entirely agreed with him.

While the world has chosen to misunderstand president Trump, the gentleman means well for the American people. In my guided tour of Dallas and Fortworth Cities in the State of Texas, I was shown huge warehouses which hitherto were full of Chinese goods, but now are no more. In Detroit famed for the car industry, there is great promise than ever before because of the trump effect.
So therefore, I would like to affirm that if the African Union of the information age of our times has any relevance, then it should be at the vanguard of guiding political systems re-engineering in conformity with the expectations of the people of Africa and to put emphasis on international partnerships which will respect our territorial integrity and our heritage and also to increase intra-Africa partnerships and trade.

Juma Wambede

Studied at Makerere University

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