There Is No Desperate Situation So Long As One Has Faith.


Have you ever been pushed to a corner with no outlet? Well, I have and this is my testimony.

Some time back, my family was deracinated, forced to split and live in different homes which to the state definition is “displaced” but to us, we were homeless. 

This experience put my family into unknown territory and under a hovering cloud of darkness. For me though, despite the lack of personal physical home and not under the same roof, we had sheltered with the basic provision and a sense of family in reality because we are still together in all intended purposes. 

In events or situations like these, family and friends pose many ideas and solutions and in desperation, some opt for short cuts or quick fixes which are nothing but temporary gratification with no substance for long term stability which in itself, is a recipe for continuous problem. However; a long time ago, I learned that shortcuts are useless and I learn to be sincere and fair in what I do and to keep my thoughts filled with appreciation to God for provision and protection regardless of the situation at hand.

Despite being homeless and divided, where I, our two girls, and their pet cats were housed by our family friend and my husband bunked on his nephew’s coach at his Mom’s, we were not moving from shelter to shelter. The girls had a disrupted life, but we tried to give them some normalcy with school and talking to their Dad daily before school via their phones. Praise God for modern technology. 

Doing things the right way is hard and sometimes not easy, but it is better than doing the wrong things and putting yourself into more problems. The common phrase is “making a deal with the devil” or “selling one’s soul to the devil” and in the end, it won’t be good. Therefore; strive to take the right path in solving problems and doing the right thing. Another thing I have discovered is that negative thoughts leads to a collection of many more which has the same correlation with what Jesus said, “ if you have small faith like a mustard seed, you can move a mountain” Now  in the same regard, all it takes is the same minuscule negative thought or a spike of anything not good that has ever happened to you and within no time, one will have a mountain of negatives enough to cause chain destruction if not checked . 

This is the time to activate the power within to disfile and denounce them with authority. As a believer and a follower of Christ, You have something the nonbeliever does not; “ Faith in God” the incentive to know all will be well. You are not desperate, your Almighty God is with you. EMMANUEL means “God with us” “for He is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”  God assurances to humans may not seem as effective without a complete desire to

 have a true relationship with him without holding to your own source.

Being comfortable talking to God is the best option than turning to bad habits like drinking, taking drugs, or engaging in meaningless sex just to mention a few. All these methods just numb the pain temporarily but tomorrow the same thing that made you do either of those or other destructive habits will still be there and the vicious circle continues. 

Praying is talking to your creator who knows everything about you and who is able to help you. Talk to him about the things in your heart as you would talk to your friend who may go to social media and spell all your issues with no regard but your heavenly father will not share your issues but solve them for you. 

Anyway, during this time my family was suffering in silence; my children were missing their Dad and he was missing his family, the pressure was on and many options were offered but looking at them, I declined because looking from outside,  I knew taking them would lead to a worse situation. You see, sometimes when things are above your head, is good to look at them from outside because being to close one get blinded to make the right decision

 My husband and I tried to rent many houses that came our way but for some ridiculous reasons, we couldn’t qualify for them. Others which we might have would have gotten through other means and where they were, I declined because I knew the end result. Now at this time, my family was on the edge.

 On one Sunday, a pastor from Kenya visited KACC and at the end of the sermon, he had narrated a story about how a  long ago in Meru Kenya he had bought a very expensive cow and it died within a short time. He had bought another one and it also died. A neighbour told him that ‘ he had no favour with cows, therefore’ he should stop buying cows” He said he told his neighbour that he had faith in God.

 He said that regardless of what the neighbour had said he we on and bought  another cow but this time on his way home, he talked to God about this cow and the faith he had in him. Well, this cow survived and bore a male calf and produced a lot of milk which gave him a  profitable livelihood and in the long run, he ended up owning over twenty cows.

This story gave me hope and upon reaching home, I called my husband and shared the story And it became our drive. Therefore, any rental that didn’t materialize become another dead cow and another one with a lot of milk was on the way soon, this went on for some time until that day when the children’s unhappiness caused my husband to take a drastic measure to have someone cosign a rental with him in order to keep his family under one roof.

Having some doubts about this venture, my husband tried to convince me that we had no choice but to take this offer because we needed a cosigner and our credit was not good and so forth. At this time, I knew this was not good and I wasn’t okay with it regardless of our current situation, therefore; I flatly disagreed with him and “declared my God will be my cosigner’ and that was my final stand, of course, we had a big disagreement but trusted God to mend our disagreement because he has always been our marriage counselor.  

 With my family under distress, I went to my secret place, a vegetable patch where I feel my God. In this place I imagine him giving me CPR, and telling me “Take a breath Domiscilla,” and to “open my eyes” because he got me. Shortly after this big argument with my husband my best friend told me that a house which was not available before was now available. I called the guy and he confirmed it,

 I called my husband and gave him the news. He stressed that he was done wasting money on application fee for nothing but I could call the guy and find out the requirements. I called him and he told me if I wanted the house it was mine to come and see it. During my talks with my heavenly father, I had asked him for a house with a yard, regardless of size, to plant my vegetables.

My husband came to get me and we went to view the house and to meet the owner. The surprising thing to my husband and even to me was what he said to us that the “house was ours”  and that he needed first-month rent, and to sign the lease. We didn’t need a cosigner or to pay three times the rent as had been the regular requirement, and he told us that “everyone needs a chance sometimes”.

This got me and confirmed that my Heavenly Father heard me. I had voiced to him that I needed a house and a yard or even just a patch of dirt to plant my veggies and a chance in life for Wagners, and this rental had a house with not just one yard, but two! It also had three bedrooms, as my our older daughter had desired and on the city and location, she had desired to live.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, don’t fret in desperation or in whatever pressing situation you may be in. Your creator, and your Emmanuel is your everything. Trust and believe in his deliverance without doubt.

Your sister in Christ

Domiscilla Wagner

Columnist Kenyan Parents In USA

Board Member C.O.D.U.

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