Tob Cohen murder: Sarah Wairimu released on bail


The first step to indicate that Sarah Wairimu may be a free woman soon, happened today after she was released on a cash bail of Sh. 2 million.  

She was further directed to alternatively deposit Sh 4 million bond.

The prosecution according to Justice Stella Mutuku, has not produced adequate and compelling reasons to deny her bail.

Bail release is on condition to the effect that the parents have to file testimonials indicating that they are able to accommodate and take care of her. Her co- accused Peter Karanja may however face the music if Sarah in the end is not found guilty.

This may turn out like one of those Agatha Christe novel episodes “when no one is suspecting murder is easy” scenario when the main suspect is not actually the killer.

The onus of the court is as stated vis “to prove beyond reasonable doubts”

Many cases of victims charged through circumstantial evidence collapses as you have to get compelling evidence implicating the murder suspect with the killer weapon.

The weapon should bear finger prints of the accused and still further, a reliable witness that actually saw the murder taking place to testify before court.

Chances are that circumstantial evidence implicating Wairimu, may not be sufficient to convict beyond reasonable doubts, and she may soon be walking in the streets of Nairobi as a free woman.

 The guilty at times get away with murder, not only in movies but in real life.




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