Tribute for HE President Emilio Mwai Kibaki by James Wanderi Kairu, son of late Munene Kairu.


Go Well My Friend & Mentor. You were more than honorable. You taught me the meaning of servitude and forthrightness. You were a true gentleman. You were loyal to a fault. You lived by a CODE. Thank you for everything you did for me and mine. You treated my family as your own. We, My Family & I, will never ever forget you. Yours is etched in our hearts, minds and souls forever. With me, I have my mother – Mrs. Lucy Wangechi Kairu, my brother – Mr. Patrick Maina Munene and my Wife – Mrs. Julia Wairimu Wanderi. Say hi to our Dad as you reunite. You both served Kenya diligently to the very end. You were each other’s pillars and for this we thank you. Thank you for instilling in us a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. We will continue to walk in your footsteps.

Kenyans will never forget what you did to transform their lives. You both came from very humble beginnings. Destiny brought you together. Both visionaries. You, in Othaya and our Dad, in Kieni. You both set out to change Kenya from the yoke of political oppression and economic lack. You formed the Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) together and proceeded to birth a new nation and dispensation. Ten (10) years later, as the leader of Official Opposition together with the Right Honorable Prime Minister, Raila Amolo Odinga, you removed an oppressive dictatorial regime and after a second attempt, you successfully gave us our new constitution – Katiba 2010, that also delivered a devolved level of government, which has transformed Kenyan lives at the grassroots. That’s who you were, an agent of change and economic revolution.

I honestly cannot count how many things you did together and for each other, with our Dad. I can only guess. From the seventies, through the eighties to the nineties. There was a whisper in the circles – “if you want to see Hon. Mwai Kibaki, look for Hon. Munene Kairu. They are most likely together or will be shortly.” The countless Harambees, Political Rallies and Private Functions, you were inseparable. In 1988, when our Dad was released from Kingongo Prison, he told us he was only attending a government seminar. We knew he was targeted for supporting you. Many unspeakable things happened in those years, including the tribal clashes of the nineties that targeted our Kikuyu community. You both strongly denounced such unfortunate activities.

You both loved Kenya so much and used your knowledge and economic influence to change lives. And lives you did change. Today Kenya stands because you stood up for it. For us who remain, we will finish what remained uncompleted. Thank you for applauding and officially endorsing my work in 2014, specifically for promoting public private partnerships and programs for sovereign level development, by working closely and collaborating with international development partners and the National Treasury and Planning. You advised us well and left us with an elaborate “Marshall Plan” that will surely change the lives of Kenyans for good, based on your Vision 2030. And we thank you for this arrangement.

On matters, corruption, you set up institutions that continue the fight against graft and economic crimes, which rob the nation and it’s people of their hard earned and honest sweat. For this we applaud you because you were extremely intolerant to those who believed in taking short cuts to amass wealth by dipping into public coffers. You detested such characters and even chased them from your government.

On matters political succession, you already showed us the way with your political handshake with the Right Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga, which led to the formation of the Grand National Coalition government of 2008-2012. His Excellency, President Uhuru MUIGAI KENYATTA repeated the same some ten (10) years later in 2018 and proceeded to establish the Building Bridges Initiative with the Right Honorable Prime Minister, my good friend. You both showed Kenyans that they can work together and prosper together, especially when they put their political differences aside. You brought the country together once in your life, as you have once again brought it together with your passing. Thank you for your continued calls for national unity, peace, reconciliation and tolerance. We are indeed our brothers keepers and we know what your last wishes were for the future leadership of this country.

Last but not least, you were a man of great faith and a devout Catholic. You walked with God all through your life and your life was a testament in itself of God’s Hand. May Almighty God and His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, receive your Spirit and reward your Soul with Eternal Life. RIP, Your Excellency President Emilio Mwai Kibaki.

We finally want to thank His Excellency President Uhuru MUIGAI KENYATTA for the great honor you bestowed on the family of our dear friend by giving him a befitting send off with a State Funeral. Thank you. Good bye and thank you. END

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